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Poof City!

Posted June 30th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

But I never thought you'd take down the link to the press release, and it's got me wondering, why?

Dear Rob,

What the heck?

I sent a buddy of mine over to your website to check out the amended version of the press release about this case.

New Press Release 400

My objective was to prove to him your office had stepped up and done the right thing by removing that ridiculous Nifongish headline . . .

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I Call BULLSHIT, #23

Posted June 29th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

The "commerical use" prohibition in the Public Records Act is narrowly defined and applies ONLY to "lists of individuals."

Dear Rob,

I am astounded at the position your office takes with regard to public records access.

What the heck happened to open access per the Public Records Act (PRA) and more pointedly, how in the world did your staff get so far off track here?

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The Rank & File

Posted June 28th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

"But don't you mean the final, final, final?" I'd say. We'd been promised "the final" so many times I'd lost count by then.

Dear Rob,

Mike Rankin was a partner who absolutely screwed us over, costing my company, Fiscal Dynamics, Inc., somewhere in the neighborhood of $250k.

But that was nothing compared to years we wasted dealing with him on our projects.

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So you evicted him, Mr. Kaiser?

Posted June 27th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

So yes, we threw the deadbeat tenants' butts out on to the street without giving it a second thought.

Dear Rob,

Key to your case against me is locating sellers in foreclosure I rescued who were subsequently evicted from their homes.

That’s the common “foreclosure rescue scam” scenario and all your office understands, frankly. And that’s why my deposition focused in part on Butch the Biker’s property, a little place up near Tukwila.

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“My worst nightmare”

Posted June 26th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

That's K-A-I-S-E-R. And right after my name, in parentheses, I want you to write 'my worst nightmare.'

Dear Rob,

Richard was a sleazebag attorney who’d just been disciplined by the state bar for abusing his client, but that wasn’t the half of it.

Because what Richard wasn’t saying was there were more than a few such clients in his past, and one of them happened to be mine.


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