1,048 Doorknocks, and Counting

Posted June 11th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

Psssss, they already know that.

Dear Rob,

I have knocked on more doors of homes in foreclosure than anyone you know. That’s 1,048 doors, and counting (yes, I just made up that number).

In any case, it’s a whole lot of doors.

Years ago I was hired by a firm to knock on the doors of people behind on their mortgage payments and interview them for their lenders. That meant there were days I talked to more than 20 people who weren’t able to make their payments on time.

that’s a lot of doors

It was good experience and taught me a lot about how people in foreclosure think and act.

And as a foreclosure investor myself for nearly 25 years, I’ve knocked on plenty of doors, too.

Funny thing, though. Out of all those door knocks and in speaking to all the folks who actually opened their doors, I am 100% certain not a single one of them thought I was there offering to stop their foreclosure out of the goodness of my heart.

not as dumb as you think

Your office, is seems, believes people in foreclosure to be hapless twits or just plain dumb because your staff is really concerned people will mistakenly assume my services are being offered for free.

Clearly, no one at the AG’s office has knocked on the doors of people losing their homes to foreclosure.

In reality, the exact opposite is true. Virtually everyone I spoke to suspected I was up to no good and in the back of their minds at least, figured I was there to steal their home.

Trust me, “out of the goodness of Joe’s heart” never occurred to them.

How can your office get it so completely wrong?

I don’t think reality is a big deal for your staff. It’s easier to think of homeowners in foreclosure as victims ready to happen, and foreclosure investors as scam artists on the prowl, and just run with that.

And they do.

Rob, people in foreclosure are not stupid.

They don’t think I’m there because I’m a nice guy and I don’t pretend my services are available at no charge. In fact, pretty much the first thing I do is let them know that although I can perhaps save their home, doing so won’t come cheap.

Help sucks?

Help sucks, apparently, in the opinion of the office of the attorney general.


My ex-partner is banned from using the word, “help” in his marketing. It was part of his settlement agreement and your office wants everyone dealing with him to know he’s not there to help them; he’s there to make a profit.

Psssss, they already know that.

And who says profiting and providing help cannot co-exist?

The attorney assisting me in this matter is helping me. He’s also billing me.

At no point, from the moment I picked up the phone all the way through to meeting with him and signing a retainer agreement, did I for even a moment think he’d take pity on me and represent me “for free.”

He provides a service, charges fairly, and I am happy he’s around to help.

That shouldn’t be remarkable.

being an expert is a good thing

It’s also been suggested that people in foreclosure are at a disadvantage because I study the market and know more about the business of real estate and tax foreclosures than they do.

Ugh, yeah, that’s pretty much the reason I can solve foreclosure problems they, on their own, cannot.

Interestingly, I’m in the same boat with my attorney. Turns out he knows more about the business of lawsuits and discovery and trial deadlines than I do, and he’s an expert in that sort of thing.

Does that put me at a disadvantage?

Hardly, that’s exactly why I’ve hired him. I want an expert. He’s the guy who can help me fight back and win. Having him around is a huge advantage.

And the people in foreclosure?

The fact I’m a foreclosure expert is not a disadvantage, it is the very reason I’m the guy they’ve chosen to hire to help (yes help) them out of their “impossible” foreclosure situation.

you’ve got it completely backwards

No, Rob, having me around is not a bad thing. Using my expertise to save the day and allow a family to keep their home is, in fact, a huge advantage for them.

Your office has it completely backwards.

People in foreclosure aren’t stupid (I won’t post here the contents of AAG Huey’s email where he’s let it be known he’s worked long and hard to dumb down the documentation my partner is now supposed to be using to something less than a ninth grade reading level, but suffice to say, it was deplorable).

The fact I’m able to offer expert services and help (yes help) people in foreclosure is hardly the act of a scam artist.

But since that’s the only scenario your staff knows, it’s the only path they can take. Their ignorance doesn’t make their claims valid, it only makes them wrong yet again, and between you and me, it’s getting very very old.


Joe Kaiser

4 Responses to: “1,048 Doorknocks, and Counting”

  1. Matt Swarner responds:
    Posted: June 11th, 2007 at 10:53 am

    Keep giving ‘em hell Joe!!! When something goes wrong with my car, nobody fixes it for free. Does Rob work for free? I don’t think so. If you ask me the overwhelming majority of public officials are the biggest scam artists around.
    jm humble o

    Matt Swarner

  2. Jim responds:
    Posted: June 11th, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    I just read the entire blog to this point, and frankly am outraged, and thankful in the same breath.
    Outraged at this moron AG, and yes, not afraid to say so publicly.
    Also, thankful, that I don’t live, or do business in Washington State.

    I sincerely send you my wishes toward a victory here, and am sure, no matter how long it takes, you will prevail.
    I also think as much exposure as this blog can get, will only help shed light on the almost criminal behavior of this AG and his staff.

    The good news is, the old adage of ‘what comes around goes around’, does apply to government officials as well. They are after all, people….and elected ones at that.

    I’ve linked this in my discussion forum, asking anyone happening by to stop in here, and tell their friends to do the same. (not seeking a link back, just a heads up I’m sending folks over.)
    Investors or not, everyone should see this to believe it, and support you in your efforts to expose this witch-hunt for what it is.

    Good luck, your in our thoughts, and naturally, anything you need, let us know……….(might not come cheap, but HELP is out there…..I kid, I kid!, not about the help part.)

    a/k/a “Biker Jim”

  3. Rikka responds:
    Posted: June 12th, 2007 at 2:22 pm


    Excellent perspective! How can you argue that????
    It’s great reading too, and I look forward to seeing where this all goes.


  4. Dr. Z responds:
    Posted: June 14th, 2007 at 11:31 am

    Joe, thanks for sharing your situation, we always hear of the successes very few talk about the negative aspects and downside of investing in real estate. Let’s partner and make some money after this is over. There’s tons more to be made Dr. Z

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