Posted June 4th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

Rather than admit I provide an extraordinary service that families like yours want and need, they chose to let you lose your home, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Dear Rob,

It’s 19 degrees in Outlook, Washington, or at least it was when Hector and his wife Ruth called your staff from the county treasurer’s office last winter.

They were moments away from losing their home to tax foreclosure. Not days, not hours, but mere moments, and I’d asked them to call your office to confirm your crack investigative team wouldn’t sue me for another million for helping them.

Exposed Home

The response?

Former AAG Cheryl Kringle, who took the initial call, somehow found it very funny that someone moments from losing her home would think calling the AG’s office appropriate, and, Ruth would later say, Cheryl “just laughed at me.”

And when Cheryl finally stopped laughing, she told Ruth that no, the Attorney General’s Office would not promise to not come after Joe Kaiser for helping them.

Apparently, if I choose to help Ruth and Hector, I do so at my own risk.

good freakin’ grief

What to do?

It’s a 400 mile round-trip drive to Outlook.

I’d promised the Sanchez family I’d do my best to help them save their home, and Hector and I talked in his driveway a few days earlier as he unloaded wood they’d use in their fireplace to keep warm.

“I can do this, Hector,” I said, “but I’ll need you to call the AG’s office to make sure they won’t come after me for helping you.”

We’d decided to “partner up,” with me paying the $7,000 back taxes for a one-half interest in his property. But there were other problems as well (there always are).

For one, I’m not sure probate was done or if it was even started, and getting title squared away as a result could prove to be a real pain (and usually does).

With the title report we did have we knew there were liens and judgments that could pose additional problems down the road, too.

But, I’d given them my word that I’d do whatever I could to help them keep their home, and that’s not a promise I intended to break.

Just say “NO”

Still, I didn’t want to be looking down yet another million-dollar gun-barrel and it seemed entirely reasonable to me to ask the AG’s office to essentially keep their noses out of this deal as the only way to make it happen.

Only Cheryl said no.

And then, so did AAG David Huey.

Huey is the fellow who now seems to be running the investigation and when Ruth called back to ask him to assure her I’d have no new problems with the AG’s office, he refused to give her that assurance.

Understand, if he agrees to just look the other way, their home is saved from foreclosure. If he does not, Huey is the direct cause of her losing it.

He refuses to help, and Ruth is stunned.

No time to spare

I’d told her that if the AG’s office agreed not to come after me for helping them, I would.

Yet with mere moments to spare, standing at the Treasurer’s counter with a notary holding the check I’d placed in her hands, ready to tender, I had to say no.

Can you imagine?

Now, we’re stuck

The Sanchez family home is hanging by a thread, with only minutes until the deadline to pay taxes passes, my gal is there with a cashier’s check ready to pay those taxes, and between Kringle and Huey, we’re unable to proceed.

“Ruth,” I said by telephone, “call their boss and see if he’ll agree to get them out of our way so I can save your home.”

And brave Ruth, completely bewildered and with tears running down her cheeks, made one last desperate attempt to talk some sense into the investigators at the Office of the Washington State Attorney General.

“Joe,” she said, calling me back a few minutes later, “he refused.”

“Ruth,” I said, “you did a great job. Thank you for trying. I’ll take care of it from here. I’ll save your home. Put the notary on the phone, please.”

And with that I instructed my gal to go ahead and pay the taxes. I managed to save the home from certain foreclosure, no thanks to David or Cheryl or their boss at the AG’s office.

Not only did they refuse to help; they very nearly cost the Sanchez family their home.

I was in tears.

Ruth, if you’re reading this, know that you are my hero and I will be forever grateful for what you did to try to help me, help you, and save your home.

By your actions that afternoon, you exposed their true agenda and now we can be certain it has nothing to do with saving families from foreclosure.

Rather than admit I provide an extraordinary service that families like yours want and need, they chose to let you lose your home, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

What should they have said?

“Thank God Joe’s out there helping those people.”

Update from Outlook

A few weeks ago I happened to be driving in eastern Washington, heading south to look at another property, and did a quick detour into Outlook.

Had it really been six months? It hardly seemed six weeks ago that all this foreclosure madness was taking place.

Ruth came to the door and didn’t recognize me. Until then, we’d only talked on the phone. But she quickly rounded up Hector and he was all smiles, thanking me for having kept his family safe, dry and warm last winter, thanking me for saving their home.

We’re now partners, co-owners of that home, and I’ll do my best to ride shotgun and make sure nothing happens to that little family under my watch.

It’s what I do

I remember thinking back to the conversation former AAG Cheryl Kringle had with my attorney last winter when she told him, “you know they think Joe’s just making them a loan, don’t you?”

No Cheryl, they don’t and never did.

And when you advised him to tell me to please stop this?

Sorry, not gonna happen. It’s what I do Cheryl . . . I save people from foreclosure. You’ll just have to deal with it.

AAG David Huey considers my deal with the Sanchez family a foreclosure rescue scam. He doesn’t think it’s fair to buy half a house for the back taxes, but that’s not his call to make (and I guarantee, he has no clue what you’ll be getting into if you do).

Ruth and Hector think otherwise.

He’s got your back

AAG David Huey was recently featured in a local Morning News Tribune article entitled “He’s Got Your Back,” about investigating foreclosure rescue scams, and mentioned his “heart bleeds for people.”

I suppose that’s all well and good, but that does nothing to keep them in their homes.

If you want sympathy, feel free to give Huey a call. No, he won’t help you actually save your home. In fact, he may even get in the way and put your home at risk, like he did with the Sanchez family.

Turns out, if you really want to save your home from foreclosure, having no other place to turn, you’ll have to call someone like me.

I write the checks that stop foreclosure.

It’ll be 19 degrees in Outlook, Washington next winter. Who’s got their backs, Rob?

David Huey?

Cheryl Kringle?

Ugh, no, not hardly.

But not to worry, because I do have their backs, and when called upon, I will write those checks and stop those foreclosures. You have my word on it.


Joe Kaiser

2 Responses to: “Exposed!”

  1. Brad Crouch responds:
    Posted: June 10th, 2007 at 1:33 pm


    I know you’re a shrewd businessman, but this story shows that you also have a good heart.

    Good job!

    Brad Crouch

  2. Redline responds:
    Posted: June 10th, 2007 at 9:18 pm

    Well said. Let’s see how many checks Huey or any of his lackies have cut to save someone from foreclosure.

    What? You stand to profit in the process?! Wow that’s terrible. That’s so capitalist!

    You AND Wells Fargo (or whatever lender holds the note here) should rot in jail!

    LOL …

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