Be Like Bobo

Posted June 13th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

Bobo's figured this out already. Is it too much to ask that AAG David Huey do the same?

Dear Rob,

My friend Bobo is the world’s only real estate buying chimp, and I teamed up with him as a direct result of your office’s involvement in my foreclosure business.

(Click here to see Bobo’s website).

I wanted to experience that moment of someday looking directly into the eyes of your AAG’s grilling me at some deposition and be able to say, “does your office have jurisdiction over chimps?”

BoboAnd I did, passing former AAG Cheryl Kringle a copy of Bobo’s marketing postcards when presenting my discovery materials.

The look on her face?


It was fun watching her squirm and reluctantly conclude that, no, you probably do not have jurisdiction over chimps, marauding or otherwise.

She kinda mumbled there so I’m not really sure. Please confirm as to whether or not your office does indeed have jurisdiction because the last thing I want to see happen is my friend Bobo get sucked into this investigation.

That’s not how he hangs.

don’t do the crime if you can’t swing the vine

Bobo, with my help, sent out 1,244 postcards last month. And we’ll be doing deals this summer with anyone who doesn’t mind selling to a chimp.

Funny thing, though, is this whole matter of duress, and I’m wondering if a chimp can really exert the sort of pressure that rises to the level of “under duress.” I doubt it.

And that brings me to the point of this post, Rob.

it ain’t about the stress of foreclosure

Your office mistakenly believes the people that do $300 deals with us do so because they are somehow under the stress and pressure (and dare I say, duress) of foreclosure.

Your office thinks this, again mistakenly, because the AAG’s involved in this investigation have no idea what we do. AAG David Huey, in particular, continues to harp on this claim.

Bobo get’s it though, so I’ll let him explain. Just check out his Quick Cash program and you can see exactly who ends up doing our kind of deal.

It’s not the desperate seller you imagine. And it’s not the guy or gal stressed-out about a pending foreclosure. It’s the “walk-away” owner Bobo targets and that person is almost never concerned about foreclosure.

That’s a guy who says, “screw this, the county can have it.”

He’s not only unconcerned with foreclosure; he could not care less. Or even better, he may be delighted to have the property out of his life.

it’s a nuance thing

If you don’t have many many years of foreclosure experience, you’re not likely to recognize the many nuances that come into play in the foreclosure arena. The realization of the existence of the walk-away owner is one such nuance.

Thinking all foreclosures lead to distressed sellers is a beginner’s level appreciation for how people facing foreclosure deal with solving the problem. There’s much more to it than that.

I’ve moved beyond beginner level thinking.

As a savvy investor with decades of “in the trenches” foreclosure experience, I look for tiny insights that allow me to make the kinds of deals beginning investors would never recognize, much less understand.

The AAG’s involved in this investigation have beginner level thinking. It’s not their fault and no one is to blame for it; it’s simply the reality of the situation we find ourselves in and is, in large part, the reason this investigation has gone on for so long.

Your investigators, Rob, are in situations they don’t recognize, much less understand.

And nuance?

Not a chance.

please get Huey up to speed

People don’t sell Bobo their junk lots or unbuildable wetlands because they’re desperate for a few hundred bucks. They sell because they’ve already decided to walk away and the $300, at that point, is found money.

Rob, please make your investigators understand this has nothing to do with taking advantage of desperate people.

Bobo is simply giving a few bucks to people who, by and large, have long-since decided they’re not paying the county a plug-nickel more in property taxes and instead are choosing to walk away.

Bobo’s figured this out already.

Is it too much to ask that AAG David Huey do the same and stop spouting the “desperate seller” silliness as it relates to the junk lots we pick up for next to nothing?

It only shows he really has no clue what he’s talking about.

Or should I have Bobo give him a call to explain?

Need to sue Bobo, too?

You can contact him here:

Bobo, the world’s only real estate buying chimp


Joe Kaiser

One Response to: “Be Like Bobo”

  1. DaveD responds:
    Posted: June 13th, 2007 at 5:31 am

    Marauding chimp? Chimps applying duress? Don’t think it can happen?

    Joe, you need to tread carefully here. Have you ever gotten between a chimp and his bananas? And what if the seller declines Bobo’s generous offer? Methinks he will get smacked upside the head with a big green one. Ouch! If that’s not “under duress” what is?

    “I could clearly see by the huge bunch of banana’s at the ready, and the menacing glare that Bobo wasn’t gonna take NO for an answer”…

    Still, I would pay to see Bobo at his deposition. Sounds like the AG’s office could use another act. A real three ring circus! Keep us posted.


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