Hounded by the Office of the AG

Posted June 22nd, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

She tried to get us to say we were cheated.

Dear Rob,

I heard from a gal a couple months ago who related the story of her contact with your office.

She said your investigator had been hounding her and her boyfriend and would not leave them alone. Yes, her exact word was “hounding.”

And when your investigator did finally pin them down?

“She tried to get us to say we were cheated,” she said, explaining what they’d been put through.

“We kept saying you were good guys who’d treated us fairly, but she didn’t want to hear any of that.”

“What did she want to hear?” I asked.

“She wanted to know if we’d been forced to sign something like a balloon payment so you could foreclose on us, but we told her you could have kicked us out of the house a long time ago if that’s what you wanted.”

And that’s how the game is played.

Well isn’t that special

We don’t kick people out of their houses, Rob. How has your office not figured that out by now?

Three years, $300k in investigation costs, and you still don’t realize we have no need to toss sellers out on to the street?

We’ve done 300 deals and a handful of evictions, none of which put sellers out of their homes, and you’re still out there looking?

Why am I not surprised, Rob, and how many times do your investigators have to be told we’ve done nothing wrong?

Pure poison

When you call a former customer to let them know we’re being investigated by your office, what do you suppose that does?

You know exactly what it does.

When your investigator says she’s calling from the Office of the Attorney General and is conducting a Consumer Protection violation investigation against Joe Kaiser, that poisons our deal.

And if I’ve partnered up with that seller and we jointly own a property, that relationship, too, is poisoned forever.

Now, had there been a complaint in the last seven years, or a pattern of complaints, I can see where that sort of scrutiny is warranted. Any grief I get in that circumstance is deserved and my own doing.

But there are no complaints.


Hounding my customers about a Consumer Protection investigation that should have never happened, implying there are problems even when customers say there are none and all the other tricks your staff uses to create issues that would not otherwise exist is sickening.

Do you really need to be out hounding people to make a case and encouraging them to say they’ve been cheated?

Isn’t there a law against influencing witnesses?

Your people are out of control, Rob.


Joe Kaiser

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