I Call BULLSHIT, #49

Posted June 19th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

It's weird for me to see the claims your office makes, knowing just how far off base they are.

Dear Rob,

“Attorney General McKenna Sues, Settles with Real Estate Investors for Mortgage Foreclosure ‘Rescue’ Violations”

That’s the headline of the March 14th press release you issued about this case.

Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue Violations?


who writes this stuff?

It’s weird for me to see the claims your office makes, knowing just how far off base they are.

It’s as though your staff is just copying and pasting from other cases they’ve worked because so much of this doesn’t relate to anything I do.

Case in point: “Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue Violations,” as described in your press release.

Let’s take a closer look at that headline, starting with word, “Mortgage.”

Rob, I don’t work mortgage foreclosures.

I’m not quite sure how to break this to you because I truly do not want to make you look foolish, but once again, your office has it completely wrong here.

I’m not a mortgage foreclosure investor.

In fact, 99% of the properties I deal with today don’t have mortgages on them. I work PROPERTY TAX foreclosures, and as anyone who’s ever worked tax foreclosures will tell you, they’re nearly always free and clear of mortgages.


Where did your office come up with this mortgage idea?

I suggest the headline is an important part of the press release. Marketing people will tell you it’s the most important part. And your staff not only gets the headline 100% wrong, they can’t even get the very first word of their claim right?


Sadly, I’m not surprised. I’m actually getting used to this sort of treatment from your office.

My question to you, though, is how is anyone supposed to believe any of that press release if your office can’t even get the headline right?

They’ve butchered it so badly it’s not even close to reality. Frankly, it’s BULLSHIT.

Can we at least acknowledge the word “Mortgage” has nothing to do with me?

Understand, I don’t fit in with what your office sees every other investor doing. I don’t do what other investors do and your staff, to their detriment, fails to grasp this simple but important point.

In doing so, they tend to get everything backwards, including the headline of your press release.


Continuing with your headline, then, “. . . foreclosure ‘rescue’ violation.”

Unlike other investors, I don’t have people saying they’ve been scammed out of their homes. Why do you suppose that is?

In fact, all the people I promised to help are, pretty much, still in their homes today.

Don’t you find that at least a little bit odd?

I explained to your staff early on that it’s not a foreclosure rescue scam if those owners are still in their homes, as promised.

If you’re looking for evidence of just such a scam, you should instruct your staff to look for people who’ve lost their homes, having been evicted by unscrupulous investors.

And when they find everyone I promised to help, er, rescue, still in their homes?

That’s evidence, Rob, of promises kept. Those are real foreclosure rescues. Those are successes.

Investors who abuse people in foreclosure, buy their homes, lease them back and then evict them a month later when they miss their first rent payment (grabbing all the equity in the process) are the problem, that much I’ll give you.

But that sort of activity has nothing to do with me.


All the people I promised to rescue were in fact rescued, as agreed. Yet what’s splashed across your web site?

“Attorney General McKenna Sues, Settles with Real Estate Investors for Mortgage Foreclosure ‘Rescue’ Violations”

Please get your facts straight.

I don’t believe it’s asking too much to expect the premier law firm of this state to be accurate with the facts of their case.

You are given a lot of power and you can destroy a reputation in moments with just a few words. — Mike Easley, North Carolina Governor, and a former prosecutor himself

Do we really need sensationalized headlines the facts couldn’t possibly recognize?

Press releases on AG websites matter, Rob. They carry weight and should be completely accurate and unbiased. They impact people, me included. They destroy businesses, mine included.

And that March 14, 2007 press release?

I so call BULLSHIT.


Joe Kaiser

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