Where’s Monte’s Press Release?

Posted June 20th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

And what is up with Cheryl Kringle and these million dollar, zero-complaint, bogus Consumer Protection violation cases?

Dear Rob,

It’s been nearly two years since your office issued the press release about your victory over Pacific Health Center and its owner, Monte Kline.

It was touted as a big win for your Consumer Protection staff and the citizens of this state who’d been “victimized” by this fellow and his electrodermal testing procedure.

How big a win?

Two million dollars!

I see you’ve quietly removed the press release from your website.

found it

Here’s the PDF version of the September 30, 2005 Press Release from your office, the Office of the Attorney General.

A small part follows . . .

“Assistant Attorneys General Paula Selis and Cheryl Kringle and the members of the Consumer Protection division who supported them deserve praise for their outstanding work on this case,”
— Robert M. McKenna

But it didn’t end there and I think the rest of the story needs to be told.

And that story?

For interested readers, Monte Kline appealed that judgment and the ruling was reversed.

And that $2,000,000.00?


Gone, with the court agreeing there had been no Consumer Protection violations whatsoever. The state was even ordered to pay Monte his attorney fees.

No Complaints? No Problem!

Apparently, it’s rarely a good idea to bring a Consumer Protection violation case against someone when no consumer has ever filed a complaint.

You’d think that would be obvious, but clearly, within the Office of the Washington State Attorney General, it is not.

And that’s why, without ever receiving a single complaint against Pacific Health Center, then AAG Cheryl Kringle sent a “shakedown” letter to Mr. Kline demanding ONE MILLION DOLLARS for Consumer Protection violations.

Here’s how Monte tells the story.


At what cost?

I’d like to know exactly how much the taxpayers of this state paid for your office to take part in what ultimately ends up being a completely bogus Consumer Protection violation claim fueled by an agenda having nothing to do with consumers.

Monte believes we citizens wasted upwards of one million dollars to have your office recklessly go after him. Is that about right?

Have we not learned anything?

And what is up with Cheryl Kringle and these million dollar, zero-complaint, bogus Consumer Protection violation cases?

That’s one hell of a track record she’s got going.

Is it any surprise she was the driving force behind the investigation of my firm? An investigation where, yet again, there had been zero consumer complaints?

Will the citizens of this state have to cough up another million dollars when the dust settles on the latest example of her “outstanding work?”

Sadly, I’m willing to guarantee it.

But that’s a subject for another day. This is Monte’s day, and he deserves a press release to set the record straight. To deny him that isn’t fair.

He’s spent five years and every bit of his life savings battling a bogus Consumer Protection violation claim and it’s time someone from your office steps up and says, “We’re sorry, we were wrong.”

That’s the ethical thing to do, Rob, and I wish you would.


Joe Kaiser

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