Poof City!

Posted June 30th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

But I never thought you'd take down the link to the press release, and it's got me wondering, why?

Dear Rob,

What the heck?

I sent a buddy of mine over to your website to check out the amended version of the press release about this case.

New Press Release 400

My objective was to prove to him your office had stepped up and done the right thing by removing that ridiculous Nifongish headline:

“Attorney General McKenna Sues, Settles with Real Estate Investors for Mortgage Foreclosure ‘Rescue’ Violations”

. . . as documented in my earlier post, I Call BULLSHIT, #49.

He tells me it’s gone. No, not just the headline, but the entire press release.

No way.

At first, I thought this might even be another Where’s Monte’s Press Release? situation. But that made no sense.

checking out the site

So, I sent him the link and sure enough, there it is, right where I told him it was, the amended version with the ludicrous headline removed (here’s a pic of the original version for comparison).

“Dude,” I say, “you are so wrong.”

“No no no,” he says, “I know that page still works, but check this out . . . the link has been removed from the 2007 Press Releases page on the AG’s website.”

And then he goes on to tell me that while the amended press release is there where I told him, the link from your 2007 Press Releases page has been removed and now no one who hadn’t seen it earlier would ever know it existed.

Interesting . . .

And so I took a look at your 2007 Press Releases page to confirm.

What did I find?

Poof city.

It’s gone, (I had to go back and check the March 14th slot a few times to be sure) and now I’m wondering, why?


I can see correcting a libelous headline.

That just makes sense and is the right thing to do (that approach doesn’t happen often enough around here).

And I suppose there’s some contingent political liability with your name on a press release like that, what with the Nifong case still getting national attention and this blog beginning to gain momentum.

But I never thought you’d take down the link to the press release from your website, and like I said earlier, it’s got me wondering, why?

What’s up with that, Rob?

And more importantly, what’s going on behind closed doors over there at Get Joe, Inc?


Joe Kaiser

One Response to: “Poof City!”

  1. Glenn responds:
    Posted: June 30th, 2007 at 9:10 am

    As they say… What goes around comes around.

    Some officials do things that they think will make them popular and to get elected. Some go a little too far, probably seems ok at the time, but they need the money to campaign and keep getting elected. They do things that… well, maybe they shouldn’t. Just ask our former A.G. who was also our Secretary of State, Lt. Governor and yes our Governor. He just went off to the federal Pen this week. http://tinyurl.com/2lec3m

    Justified, I don’t know. Will he get out on an appeal? Maybe, But today, he’s there. Not with his family.

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