I Call BULLSHIT, #61

Posted July 8th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

Apparently, you believe this entire "foreclosure rescue" thing is nothing more than a scheme. And you're right.

Dear Rob,

Have you ever lost your family’s home in foreclosure?

I have.

Back in 1983, when things were tough and my little auto repair business wasn’t doing well, (the break-ins didn’t help) we lost our home in foreclosure.

My wife and our couple kids, just babies at the time, found ourselves on the streets.

I quickly located a temporary place to live but by the time I got back to the old house to get our stuff it had all been thrown away. The fellow I found working there told me he’d taken everything to the dump.

And then he called me a loser.

not finished yet

It was the beginning of winter and unable to buy oil for the furnace, I’d take a five gallon can down to the gas station and buy diesel fuel to heat the house, paying with pennies.

Pennies I stole from my kids.

Five gallons last a day and a half, which meant every other day we’d wake up without heat, 52 degrees or thereabouts registering on the thermostat.

So, we scrambled as best we could. We had no other choice. Eventually, we moved to Puyallup and took over payments on a place that would become our home.

And four years later I lost that home in foreclosure as well.

I had over 100 rental units by then, but not really knowing what I was doing, I’d soon lose all of those properties to foreclosure, too.

The scars are permanent

Just talking about it brings it all careening back. Those feelings, raw as ever, are right below the surface.

And they kill me.

I die, just a little bit, every time I think back on it. I’m dying, just a little bit, right now.

You cannot imagine the absolute terror I faced as a young father and businessman, trying my best to succeed yet failing so badly my family was forced out onto the street with nothing.


my life’s mission

Rob, my mission in life, for many many years now, has been to help people save their homes so they would not have to face what I experienced.

Thankfully, I have helped many people avoid the very foreclosure tragedies I was not able to avoid.

And the pain of losing their homes, losing their possessions, and being out on the street with no money and no one to turn to?

They never had to go through it.

That’s what I do.

I am the real estate equalizer and I rescue people from foreclosure.


And then I have to read this nonsense . . .

Defendant’s sale/buyback scheme is designed to allow Defendant to obtain ownership of homes with large amounts of equity without paying any cash or only nominal amounts to the property owner.— Amended Complaint, dated June 21, 2007

Your claim is nothing short of idiotic.

The people I rescued, Rob, for the most part, are still in their homes today.

None of them were forced out on to the street. None of them had to yank their kids out of school. None of them went through the terror of being out of money, homeless, desperately searching for a place to live.

And do you know why that is?

It’s because I made sure of it.

avoiding tragedies

Your office maintains these people have been wronged.

Your office maintains these people received nothing, or “only nominal” benefits for having transacted with me.

Your office is nuts.

but you’re not finished

Apparently, you believe this entire “foreclosure rescue” thing is nothing more than a scheme. And you’re right. I admit it. It’s all a scheme. One I created personally.

But it has nothing to do with “obtaining ownership of homes,” as you’ve claimed.

It’s a scheme to help people out of tough spots, help them avoid foreclosure and all of the nightmares that go along with it, and allow them to keep their lives (and much of their equity) intact.

If stealing their homes had been our goal, we would have exercised our rights under the agreements to declare the sellers who haven’t paid as agreed in breach and removed them from the properties.

We haven’t.

No, not even once.

whatever it takes

My ex-partner and I decided long ago we’d do whatever it takes to make certain no one loses their home.

Our actions document our intentions and there can be no question they are genuine.

With some three dozen foreclosure rescues and not a single incident of us throwing anyone out of his home or snatching away his interest, you’d think that would be sufficient to demonstrate our character.

Apparently, not.

avoiding tragedies

The foreclosure rescues I did were tragedies avoided.

I stepped up when no one else would, put myself directly in harm’s way, risked my own money and stopped foreclosure for dozens of folks.

And even more remarkably, I then let them stay in their homes.

Rob, I made sure they experienced none of the terror and humiliation I went through when I lost my homes. They all told me “thank you.”

Some even called me “hero.”

And yet your office looks at this and calls it a “sale/buyback scheme” designed to steal homes, knowing full well we have done nothing of the sort.

Are you out of your minds?

I call BULLSHIT, Rob.


Joe Kaiser

5 Responses to: “I Call BULLSHIT, #61”

  1. Seth responds:
    Posted: July 8th, 2007 at 9:13 am

    I was on the edge of my seat, Joe.

    Ironic that there are plenty of “investors” trying to yank houses out from under people, but because you’re well known and do a lot of deals they go after you.

    Ironic that if a family has a medical emergency and loses their house to the county, the state doesn’t care. But if you step in and pay the county it’s a scam.

    As your blog reveals your integrity my mind grows more numb. Push comes to WTF.

  2. DavidGOR responds:
    Posted: July 10th, 2007 at 12:43 pm

    Joe, you probably shouldn’t have written, “Pennies I stole from my kids.” No telling what the AG and their office would do with that (sad but true).

  3. Drew responds:
    Posted: July 10th, 2007 at 4:13 pm


    Keep up the good fight.

    I foresee JOE KAISER vs. STATE OF WASHINGTON litigation used a lot later down the line to show how what we do in this business is in the best interest of homeowners. It’s the ROWE vs WADE of 2007, well kinda, you know what I mean.

    We get paid for the service we provide. If homeowners didn’t feel we provided a service they wanted to pay for, they wouldn’t do it. Keep fighting the right fight, and where’s our online FREE JOE petition?


  4. Joe Kaiser responds:
    Posted: July 10th, 2007 at 5:26 pm

    Thanks for the comments, fellas.

    Don’t need a petition but do need more people to see and learn what’s going on here. If you can pass it around or link to Pushed to Shove, that all helps get the word out.


  5. AKM responds:
    Posted: July 10th, 2007 at 8:00 pm

    Joe, I sat in your house, back in the day, and tried not to let you notice that I noticed how cold it was. I hurt for you back then, knowing that you were an honorable man trying to do the best for your little family.

    I speak from personal experience when I say that you rescued me, financially and personally, from more than one disaster. You are the reason my oldest child made it to college her first year, and you saved me from the humilation of having to bring her home when our family experienced our own financial disaster.

    I can never repay you for this, but I hope you know how much I wish I could. I think it is shameful what the AG is putting you and your family through right now. It takes a man of conviction to stand up against public pressure and innacurate sensationalized reporting.

    I hope that this blog serves to wear down the AG’s office with the weight of public support and your rational reporting of the facts.

    Keep going Joe – you’re going to make it!

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