No Value? Seriously?

Posted August 27th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

Sellers and I operate on a "value for value" basis with each of us exchanging what we believe to be fair consideration in return for what we receive.

Dear Rob,

It was really nice to be able to take a couple day break from talking about Cheryl’s proposed settlement agreement.

And yet here we are, Monday, right back at it?

You’d better believe it.


No value?

Good grief, Rob, how did you let her get away with that crap?

The seven years

My company, Fiscal Dynamics, Inc., had been doing business for more than seven years by the time my partner bought me out. We did something like 300 deals together, most of them with people in foreclosure.

And in every case, each seller agreed we’d brought a significant value to the table.

Do you really think they’d have sold us their properties had we not?

No value?

That’s ridiculous.

their best offer

Sellers and I operate on a “value for value” basis with each of us exchanging what we believe to be fair consideration in return for what we receive.

Do sellers accept offers that don’t give them what they consider sufficient value?

Of course not.

The very fact a seller accepted my offer above all others and agreed to sell to me rather than someone else is indisputable proof of the value I’ve provided to him.

And by the way, sellers don’t accept the worst offers put in front of them. They accept only what they consider to be the very best value available.

For your office to spend years investigating us and for your AAG Cheryl Kringle, after all those years, to conclude . . .

Fiscal Dynamics does not provide a valuable service to Washington property owners. — Cheryl Kringle, former AAG
5/9/2007 Settlement Proposal

. . . is further proof she’s chosen to ignore the facts and is hard at work on her own agenda.

It’s a lie

No value?

Cheryl saying we provide “no value” is not merely an AAG expressing an opinion. It’s an AAG lying. She tells the lie to make a case where there is none.

No value?

Rob, I have some 300 sellers who decided I provide a valuable service, or has your office decided their opinions, collectively, don’t measure up to the opinion of one out-of-control AAG trying to make a name for herself?

And she has.

We call her Cheryl “no complaints, no problem” Kringle and recognize what she does for what it is . . . (more to come).

And what she does isn’t honest, fair, or appropriate for someone employed (or formerly employed) by the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Washington.

No value?

Rob, 300 sellers would seem to disagree.

“But seriously,” I suppose Cheryl says, “what the hell would they know?”


Joe Kaiser

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