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Andrew Katakis Responds?

Posted September 30th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

And, I guess, from the seven comments made, I'm supposed to be a "fraud, lier (sic) and cheat."

Dear Rob,

My new buddy Andrew Katakis from Global Discoveries, LTD isn’t happy with me.

Something I said?

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Typical PRA Request Reply

Posted September 29th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

This acknowledges receipt of your public records requested dated September 25, 2007 and received by me on September 27, 2007.

Dear Rob,

Thought you’d like to see what happens when you make a request for public records in Yakima County.

I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with it. Just wanting to make sure it’s appropriate and aligns with the spirit of the PRA.

Seems about right to me, but as a non-lawyer, I may be wrong.

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Operation: Who’s Escheating Who?

Posted September 28th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

Dear Rob,

Operation: Who’s Escheating Who is in full swing and things are beginning to roll.

We’ve got responses from only about half the counties, though, and you’d better believe I’m tracking the non-responses as well as the responses, expecting them to play by the rules.

I’m sure your office doesn’t need another Prison Legal News fiasco on its hands any time soon.

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$22,721.15? Ouch!

Posted September 27th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

I'm sorry I missed that one, and I'm guessing the county is glad I missed it, too, because they ended up pocketing those funds instead of me.

Dear Rob,

So far, so good, and the results of my public records request to our state’s 39 county treasurers are beginning to trickle in.

Most, it appears, require I submit their own Public Records Request form, but generally, they seem to be willing to comply with the Public Records Act and provide the information I’ve requested.

At this point, at least, no county has refused my request (although I’ve only heard from about half).

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Public Records Lawsuit

Posted September 26th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

It sends a message to agencies it that if you violate the law, it will have an impact on you in the future.

Dear Rob,

I noticed a couple comments relating to the willingness of Washington counties to provide the information I requested yesterday under the Public Records Act (PRA).

This is an excellent opportunity to post the WA Corrections lawsuit story, recognizing that PRA requests are nothing to be trifled with.

As you know, there are penalties for noncompliance.

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