$22,721.15? Ouch!

Posted September 27th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

I'm sorry I missed that one, and I'm guessing the county is glad I missed it, too, because they ended up pocketing those funds instead of me.

Dear Rob,

So far, so good, and the results of my public records request to our state’s 39 county treasurers are beginning to trickle in.

Most, it appears, require I submit their own Public Records Request form, but generally, they seem to be willing to comply with the Public Records Act and provide the information I’ve requested.

At this point, at least, no county has refused my request (although I’ve only heard from about half).

the spreadsheet

Tomorrow (Friday), we’ll be starting to assemble a spreadsheet in an effort to get a handle on what this “unclaimed funds escheating to the county” thing actually amounts to.

As you may recall, your office created it’s own spreadsheet confirming I’d received funds from a total of eight overages. Yes, I know there were many more initially included, but it’s now clear we were paid, in whole or in part, on only the eight.

At least I hope it’s now clear.

initial results are in

In any case, I can report that one county’s total came in today: 15, with four more due to escheat within the next two years.

That’s one county out of 39, and already my total has been exceeded by nearly double the number of transactions I did.

I also see that a $22,721.15 overage went unclaimed. Ouch!

I’m sorry I missed that one, and I’m guessing the county is glad I missed it, too, because they ended up pocketing those funds instead of me.

I wonder

Tomorrow we’ll get to work, in earnest, tracking our follow-ups and getting the individual forms printed, scanned, and back via email to the county treasurers who require their own be used.

But you know, I’m bothered a bit by the $22,721.15 overage that went unclaimed and think I’ll spend a little time on it. I’m wondering if the owners who lost that money even knew about it.

And what happened that prevented them from appying?

Were they even alive?

I’m guessing they died, but no need to wonder for long . . . I am on it and we’ll know soon enough.

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

One Response to: “$22,721.15? Ouch!”

  1. anemonehead responds:
    Posted: September 28th, 2007 at 6:25 am

    Only 15 in 10 years for that county? Seems like a bit of a low number, unless of course it’s one of the less populated counties.

    Who’s gonna sneeze at 22K of FREE money. Some folks work very hard all year to make that kind of scratch. Much easier to just sit and wait for it, especially when your holding it!

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