Kittitas County Treasurer, nice job

Posted October 4th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

I found it interesting the letter was sent out after the funds had gone unclaimed for more than two years.

Dear Rob,

Along with the PRA data requested from all 39 Washington counties last month, Kititas County sent a copy of their “your time is just about up” letter.

Its purpose is to advise owners having previously lost property in a tax sale of the existence of overage funds at risk of imminent loss through escheatment.

Here’s that letter . . .

Dear Mr/Mrs Homeowner,

On December 5, 1997 the above property was sold at auction for non payment of property taxes. The owner of record has three years from the date of sale to claim the surplus money paid by the purchaser over the minimum bid. The surplus funds on this parcel are $35.95 wich you may apply for by filling out the enclosed application. This application must be completed and your signature must be notarized.

According to RCW 84.64.080 the owner has three years from the date the property was sold to apply for the surplus funds and if this is not done within that time frame, the money goes into the county current expense fund and the record owner can no longer file a claim for it.

Please remember you now have less than a year to claim this surplus money. If you have further questions please call me at 123-555-1234.

If you are not at the same address I would appeciate it if you could supply me wih the other persons address.


Admin. Assist.

I found it interesting the letter was sent out after the funds had gone unclaimed for more than two years.

And while I’m fairly certain almost all counties send out an initial notice (and in all likelihood, an application), I’m wondering how many follow up when time has about run out.

Yes, I know it’s only $35.95 in this case, and I have no idea if this letter is routinely sent (for the moment I will assume it is).

That being said, nice job, Kittitas County Treasurer. Very nice, indeed.

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

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