Pacific Health Center PRA Request, Again

Posted October 24th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

I suspect it's as simple as following the money. It almost always is, and I intend to do just that.

Dear Rob,

I have twice requested the public record regarding what’s come to be known as the Pacific Health Center Debacle, and yet over a year later I have received nothing from your office.

What’s up with that?

Not an Attorney

Yes, I understand your office mentioned earlier that since I am represented by counsel, it could not deal directly with me because of RPC 4.2, at least with regard to requests related to this lawsuit.

But even that makes no sense to me.

How is a request made under the Public Records Act to your office’s public records custodian considered to be your office communicating “about the subject of the representation?”

Seems silly to me, particularly since my earlier attorney advised your office that you were authorized to provide whatever information I requested.

Yet again

My attorney has yet again advised your office that it should provide whatever public record I require, and I would ask that you promptly do so. I have many more requests planned and expect your office to abide by the strict time performance requirements of the Public Records Act.

It’s been over a year now that I’ve been waiting on the Pacific Health Center debacle records, and I’d really like to get to the bottom of it. I’m particularly interested in seeing how an attorney with little more than a year or two experience was allowed to create a full-blown, million dollar Consumer Protection case out of nothing.

Discovering the Agenda

Also of interest is how the investigation was started. Since there were no complaints and since I don’t see you picking Monte Kline’s name out of a hat, I wonder what precipitated your investigation.

And I’m willing to bet, here and now, having not seen a shred of documentation about it, that the investigation and subsequent lawsuit was 100% agenda driven.

I suspect it’s as simple as following the money. It almost always is, and I intend to do just that.

Putting the pieces together

By the time I’m finished with my own investigation of the matter, I am determined I will be able to document all the “how’s” and “why’s” and “who’s.” I’m particularly interested in knowing who is to blame for the debacle.

I’ll also be able to finally put an accurate number on it so we can confirm what it actually cost citizens of this state to have your office attempt to drive a fellow out of business with a consumer protection case where no citizens had complained about him, even though you said you would not pursue that sort of case.

Safeguards, if any

And finally, I’d like to learn what steps were taken to ensure that no other “no complaint” cases, driven solely by agenda or politics, would be contrived in the future.

Or was that concern even addressed?

I’d really like to understand how your office can create one consumer protection case after another, without a single consumer complaint.

So again, under the Public Records Act, I request the complete State of Washington v. Pacific Health Center file.

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

4 Responses to: “Pacific Health Center PRA Request, Again”

  1. Loya responds:
    Posted: October 24th, 2007 at 11:26 am

    There is surely a pattern of abuse being presented here. The AG’s office is to blame. The jury will enjoy “pushing back” the over-reaching power of Gov’t. I will bet on the little guy in this case.

  2. Brad Crouch responds:
    Posted: October 24th, 2007 at 6:35 pm


    Have you considered the possibility of having your attorney make the PRA request? Seems like they would run out of excuses rather quickly, for not providing the information requested, to another party.


  3. Joe Kaiser responds:
    Posted: October 24th, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    I do not need the services of an attorney to request and receive public records. Access to public records is a my right, as Rob would tell you . . .

    As Attorney General, one of my top priorities is to strengthen the people’s control over government by ensuring and protecting their right to access public records. Our public records laws exist to promote democracy and open government for all citizens.— Attorney General Robert M. McKenna

  4. olyguy responds:
    Posted: October 25th, 2007 at 11:16 am

    Please keep pushing. Perhaps having your atty provide notice of intention to sue would be good. You also could send a registered letter to Governor Chrissy citing the failure of the AG to provide the legally mandated PUBLIC RECORDS

    This clearly is something they want to keep hidden and here’s why:

    The current governor is at fault here. She was the AG for idiot AAG who did the dirty work. So the gov is to blame and she is keeping the lid on the Rob the current moronic AG.

    A news conference to publicly raise the question as to why although, as i look at what posted, it’s ok; just some punctuation is missing and

    the last line could have these words added:

    “the AG’s office with complicity from the Governor is hiding these records for a year after receiving your legal request in writing.”

    I think you have uncovered a major scandal in addition to what they have done to you.

    Thank you again for pursuing. I know from my own personal experience that this takes a lot of time and energy to pursue. Thank you for doing so.

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