The BIG @$^*%!* LIE

Posted October 21st, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

Are you out of your minds over there at Get Joe, Inc?

Dear Rob,

As real estate investors dealing in foreclosures, it’s important we get all our ducks in a row because we know if we don’t, some sellers will lie.

Whenever the stakes are more than a few bucks, sellers who praised us for the help we gave them when they needed it most sometimes turn around and say they were cheated.

Or lied to.

Or didn’t understand.

Or whatever.

And their attorneys have them sign legal affidavits or declarations we all know are filled with lies, but they figure it’s okay. After all, they are dealing with foreclosure investors.

Blame Us, Amos in the House

This was discussed in my post, The Blame Us, Amos Effect. And though I have no real understanding of the psychology behind it, I know it happens.

I received just such an affidavit last week in a case where we’re suing to collect overage funds we’re due. We bought this couple’s property, having sat down with them and negotiated a deal we all deemed fair.

There was no deception or lies or anything close to that. It was a simple transaction where a price was agreed upon and paid in full.

Done deal.

THE BIG @$^*%!* LIE

Except, it’s not done. Today, she says we lied to her.

She’s told THE BIG @$^*%!* LIE.

I hate BIG @$^*%!* LIES.

Foreclosure investors stand there and tell the truth about what took place, and then watch sellers lie through their teeth because they know they can get away with it.

They figure we’re bad guys anyway and lying isn’t such a big deal, really, because hey, we probably deserve it. Investors get that.

Reality is fairly simple in this game. The ugly but indisputable truth is that there are people who will not hesitate to lie whenever it suits them or furthers their cause.

And when pushed to shove they’ll tell THE BIG @$^*%!* LIE.

Get Joe, Inc.

Speaking of which, here’s one such BIG @$^*%!* LIE . . .

They told property owners that they would solve their foreclosure problems. But often, their real intent was to let the property go to auction and take any excess proceeds from the sale – money that would have gone to the property owner if the defendants hadn’t ‘helped’ them.— Attorney General Robert McKenna
March 14, 2007 Press Release

When you tell that lie, Rob, the only thing anyone reading it can possibly take away is . . .

  1. Joe Kaiser told owners in foreclosure he’d save them, even though he had no intention of doing so.

  2. Instead of stopping their foreclosures as promised, he intentionally let their properties get foreclosed on,
    costing the owners their homes.

  3. After letting them go to foreclosure, he stole the proceeds that rightfully should have gone to the owners, leaving them penniless and on the street.

I just have one question, Rob . . .

Are you people over there at Get Joe, Inc. COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR MINDS?

Or, have we yet again demonstrated just how out-of-control your staff has acted and how malicious that press release really is?

The Actual Truth is a bit Different

THE BIG @$^*%!* TRUTH, for anyone interested, is . . .

  1. Anyone whose home I promised to save from foreclosure, I saved. The odds are better than 12 to 1 that each owner at this exact moment is sitting in his or her home, probably eating Nacho-flavored Doritos™.

  2. Yes, I intentionally let properties go to tax sales. In every case, it was my right to do so. These were ALL properties where letting them go to sale was the plan. These were not properties I was “rescuing” for anyone in foreclosure.

    More often than not, these were junk lots I’d bought from sellers walking away. They’d been paid in full and had no further interest in the properties.

  3. Any overage profits created at the tax sale are profits I created.

    The law DOES NOT say the former owners is somehow magically re-vested with the right to profit at the tax sale. The law IS NOT and NEVER WAS intended to do such a thing (and could not even if so intended).

    Its purpose as we all know is to facilitate the escheatment of funds to county treasurers (Operation: Who’s Escheating Who) by stripping away the interests of the rightful owners of those funds: creditors with liens on those properties.

Confusion Reigns

What your office has done, intentionally or out of sheer ignorance, is somehow combined mutually exclusive investment strategies and wrongly assigned characteristics of each to the other.

It don’t work that way, Rob.

Again . . .

If I agreed to rescue someone, he was rescued.

And if I agreed to buy someone’s property instead, I paid him for it and did whatever I deemed appropriate thereafter, Yes, even letting it go to foreclosure sale sometimes. They were my own properties and the last time I checked, I am free to do whatever I want with them.

I do not do the “RESCUE” thing and the “LET GO TO SALE” thing with the same property. They are two completely different strategies having NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER.

The Story You Tell is a Lie

It’s contemptible what you’ve done here, Rob.

You’ve told THE BIG @$^*%!* LIE and have led people to believe that I was out scamming desperate homeowners, promising them I’d save their homes and instead allowing those homes to be lost at foreclosure sales, stealing all their equity and putting them out on the street in the process.

And that’s horrific.

I took great pride in helping people save their homes (which I did). Or in giving them a few bucks for their junker property and guaranteeing them their profits (which I also did).

And what did you do?

You told THE BIG @$^*%!* LIE , Rob, and in doing so proclaimed to the world that I am a monster.

Don’t believe me?

Check it out for yourself by Googling my name.

Wait, let me check . . .

@$^* me.

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

One Response to: “The BIG @$^*%!* LIE”

  1. Loya responds:
    Posted: October 28th, 2007 at 10:46 am

    Amazing what gov’t will do to TRY to justify their thinking………

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