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Posted October 1st, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

You really do need to grow up and act like a man and quit playing such games like you do.

Dear Rob,

I thought you’d like to know that Andrew Katakis has responded to my email.

He’s doing the “we found your money” thing in a way I consider a scam, and because of exposing his firm, he’s threatening to sue.

Here’s how the thread is going . . .

Initial Email

I sent this to Andrew on Sunday night, after what I believe was he or someone from his office making seven derogatory comments about me yesterday under the Global Discoveries Ltd Exposed post earlier this month.


You were busy Sunday evening.

Again, if there’s anything in my Pushed to Shove post that wasn’t true, please let me know and I will gladly remove it.

I’ve opined that your firm races the county’s notice and does so with the intent of convincing people to accept your “found money” agreement before the county has a chance to let them know about their funds.

And, I further opined that doing so is an outright scam.

If I am somehow in error, please advise and I will correct my error.

Otherwise, please stop the nonsense. It’s childish, at best.


Andrew followed it up this morning. It speaks for itself . . .

Lets see how honest that you are:

You state that you will change any untrue postings. Now how will you make your decision as playing the role of God to do that. If I tell you that you are wrong will you do the proper thing. No! If I show you hundreds of positive customer surveys stating that our clients like us will you change your opinion. No! If I give you a list of people to speak to will you call them and listen without trying to convince yourself that they are wrong. No! If I call to speak to you to talk some sense into you will you listen. No! If I have never called you a scam artist, but others have. So If I tell you that you are honest and a great guy will you stop playing games. No! If I ask that you be a professional and stop acting out like a child throwing a fit will you stop. No!

You are a good talker, but you are just that. If you are a professional and if you are a man, then call me. Otherwise deal with the consequences of such actions.

Joe: I have not spoken to you for a long time. I just found out the other day that we had a legal issue again. Our client says one thing and you an other. Does that mean that you are right and them wrong. Your problems with the state of WA are your issues and we are not involved. You may just want to look at your behavior and understand that perception is the law and not how we justify our actions. You may be doing what you believe is legal, but it does not matter as the perception of the masses is what makes the law and not the law on the books. You act out at us because you are being attacked. We are not a scam and perhaps you are not a scam. I don’t know what you do and I don’t care. Your business is your business. I don’t get involved in what you do. We have a client and our client believes that they were taken advantage of. That is who we have to go with . If you had a client wouldn’t you try to believe them.

Anyway, this is childish and I do not plan on putting up with it. I don’t like doing this and I don’t have the time. I don’t know how old you are, but it seems like you may be in your early thirties. If so, then you have quite a bit to learn about life and how to treat people. Money is great, but not at the expense of hurting others and the perception of others, not me, is that you have done things to hurt others. We can all justify that we have done noting illegal or misleading, but again perception rules and not the law. I had to learn that the hard way. Perhaps you should take some time to consider your lashing out at my company for your being upset with others. We are protecting our client and the courts will make the decision unless you and I can work it out another way. However, I won’t deal with you if you are going to act like a child and post such lies about our company in your attempt to lash out for not getting your way. It may be time for you to grow up and realize that you are not always right.

Anyway, we don’t lie to our clients. They are fully informed about what they are doing and they make their own decisions as to working with us or not. The counties don’t locate people like we do and therefore they end up keeping the money. You take a rare situation where we contact someone and then they find out about the money and use that against us. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of people that we locate never knew about the funds and were never located. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and countless man hours looking for people and companies to notify them abut the money that we have located. When we find them they are so appreciative of what we do. We have not been accused of scamming people in over 10 years of doing business. The only one accusing us if that is you. I believe that you are doing this because you are not getting your way. Very much like a small child who throws a tantrum when they don’t get what they want. Grow up and act professional.

It would be nice for us to stop throwing mud at each other, but you just act in a way that I have never seen before. You really do need to grow up and act like a man and quit playing such games like you do. This does not hurt our business, but it will hurt yours as people are smart and see the difference between what you are doing and what the truth is.

I ask you again to stop acting like a child and more like a man.

And, in return, I’ve just now sent him my response . . .


Your business model is to race the county’s notice. That’s a scam.

Me telling the world about it is not a “lie” since it’s precisely what you do.

Clearly, if the money is on the table a year later, then locating owners and doing the “we found your money” thing is fine. Certainly, if escheating of those funds is only days or weeks or months away, it again is fine.

But to race the county’s notice is not fine. We both know that’s exactly what you do and that doing so is cheating the people entitled to claim their funds.

“Throwing fits?”

I’ve just called it what it is, Andrew. Show me I’m wrong about racing the county’s notice and I’ll remove it and post a retraction, telling the world I was wrong about you.

And if you want to sue me about it, fine. But do be forewarned that the truth is an absolute defense against claims of libel, and suing me brings into play every overage claim you’ve ever raced the county’s notice to acquire.

Now, it would be so nice of you to go away.

Joe Kaiser

I think I’m about done with Andrew Katakis and Global Discoveries, LTD, Rob, so I’ll let your office decide if it’s something that needs to be pursued on your end.

In the arena, with Andrew,

Joe Kaiser

One Response to: “Under Attackis”

  1. olyguy responds:
    Posted: October 1st, 2007 at 9:59 am


    He says “We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and countless man hours looking for people and companies to notify them abut the money that we have located.”

    I cannot believe that. In my opinion, that is a lie. A lie that he has thrown out without realizing how absolutely ludicrous a statement it is.

    To me his ludicrous statement means that he has been lying so much, for so long, that he doesn’t even realize his statement sounds like absolutely crap.

    So… Mister We Spend Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, provide reasonable proof that you really do spend over $200,000.00 trying to find people and we just might believe some of your other statements.

    Until then, your own statements have hoisted you on your own petard. In simpler terms, you have shot yourself in the gut with your own asinine statements. And now that I think of it, that is such a substantial, intentional, knowing, and material misstatement of your business practices that this looks an actual case that the AG’s office should look into.

    Hey you guys at the AG’s office, go earn some of your paycheck that my taxes pay… get on it.

    Golly, this is just fun!

    Thanks Joe. :D

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