This Dirty Game, Part 1

Posted November 7th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

He said, “Are you kidding me? They had three attorneys in there prosecuting me!”

Dear Rob,

Why am I not surprised?

And why doesn’t the truth seem to matter to your office and the offices of certain county prosecutors bent on destroying me?

Can you all really be this unethical?

Apparently so.

reaching an agreement

We met with Robert Bergdahl at his place around 10 or 11 pm on the evening prior to him losing the home in the 2002 Pierce County tax sale.

My memory is a little sketchy here, because I recall waiting for them to arrive and them finally pulling up in the driveway, but I also remember his wife having to go wake him up in a back bedroom.

In either case, that night we reached an agreement to buy his home at the sale and sell it back to him.


The next morning we did exactly that, buying the property and making certain they’d be staying.

Had we not, their property would have been sold to another investor and within a matter of days they’d have been evicted.

And what does that make us?

In my mind, heroes, but not according to Pierce County Deputy Prosecutor Bob Dick.

What about Bob?

And then Bob Dick sends the Pierce County Sheriff out to the house, telling the Bergdahls he’s there to investigate a possible fraudulent transaction they’re involved in.

Bob, upset we’d applied for the Bergdahl overage, decided getting the Sheriff involved was the appropriate thing to do.

Worse, since Bob refused to give us the overage we’d been assigned, we could not resell to the Bergdahls as agreed.

under fire

We sued.

As a part of the suit, Bergdahl was deposed and by then he’d lost it.

He’d convinced himself he was under fire and with the sheriff at his door talking about fraudulent deals and now being deposed by a roomful of attorneys, he cracked.

So, when it came his time to describe what had transpired, he went off like a bottle rocket.

He ranted about how we’d come onto his property, how he told us to leave, how we would not take no for an answer, how we pressured him into signing something he didn’t want to, and on and on and on.

By the time Bergdahl was finished, we looked like total scam artists, which was exactly what he intended.

fair and honest

Afterwards, in private, we said, “why’d you make up all that stuff about us?”

He said, “Are you kidding me? They had three attorneys in there prosecuting me!”

No, they didn’t.

But, that’s what he believed and that’s why he ranted on about us, making up whatever outrageous claim he thought Bob Dick wanted to hear.

A problem?

Sure, but we didn’t think it was that big of a problem.

We knew his wife was a fair and honest sort of person who’d tell the real story when it came her turn. And a day or two later, at her deposition, she did.

evicting the Bergdahls

She calmly answered all Bob’s questions and set the record straight about her husband’s issues and his apparent need to make up crazy stories about what took place and what we’d done.

And she went on to confirm we’d done nothing wrong and contrary to what her husband claimed, had done everything we’d promised to do.

But by then the damage was done.

After much thought, we decided to give up the fight for the overage, but we hesitated to do so. We knew that without those funds, our deal with Bergdahl could not take place.

Now, instead of selling the property back to them and all of us coming out the better, we’d have no choice but to ask them to leave.

I think they’d already found a place to go, but I don’t remember exactly.

What I do remember is we ultimately evicted them, sold the property, and about broke even.

the sad part

We’d worked it out and arrived at the perfect solution that allowed them to keep their home.

Instead, by the county refusing to pay us the overage as Bergdahl intended, that family ends up needlessly losing their home, and that is the sad part of this story.

Had Bob Dick simply done what the law demands, Bergdahls might still be in their home today.

To be continued . . .

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

One Response to: “This Dirty Game, Part 1”

  1. Loya responds:
    Posted: November 7th, 2007 at 9:28 pm

    He sounds like another Alan. Horrable intent! Very damaging….
    Shame on lawyers like these. They need to get out of the law trade.

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