The Checklist #1

Posted November 12th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

Some people believe this sort of system to be overkill. They've never met Lewis County Treasurer Rose Bowman.

Dear Rob,

Paying property taxes on a parcel in tax foreclosure and making sure it gets done isn’t something we leave to chance. It’s just too important to not take seriously.

We accomplish it with a series of checklists and an online project management system, but that’s not hardly good enough when you consider the Bowman Factorâ„¢. . .



Pay Taxes – Phase I

(This template series is used to track and confirm taxes are paid).

  1. Review sale date to confirm there is time to pay. If less than one week, advise.
  2. Confirm the number of parcels involved in the transaction (it may be more than one)
  3. Contact Treasurer – Contact county treasurer and obtain amount due to pay taxes on each parcel, overnight mailing address, and advise to be on the lookout for our payment.
  4. Complete Template – Complete and upload Taxes Due template.
  5. Post Message – Post a new message to let me know tax amount has been obtained.
  6. Create Reminder Milestone – Create a Pay Taxes – Phase II milestone for today and make Joe responsible.

Pay Taxes – Phase II (for Joe)

  1. Decide – Advise whether or not to procede to Phase III.
  2. Create Milestone – If moving forward, create Phase III.

Pay Taxes – Phase III

  1. Obtain cashier’s check in the full amount due. Make sure that name on Deed is the same as the cashier’s check.
  2. Make copy of recorded deed (or obtain recording number)
  3. Download “Pay Taxes” letter template and create cover letter
  4. Overnight cover letter, copy of deed, and funds to treasurer, noting FEDEX tracking number (put in file)
  5. Contact Treasurer – Inform Treasurer that the funds have been sent and advise of FEDEX tracking number.
  6. Create Reminder Milestone – Create a reminder milestone for next day called “Pay Taxes – Phase IV”

Pay Taxes – Phase IV

  1. Contact Treasurer – Contact and confirm receipt of funds and cancellation of sale.
  2. Make Note – Make note of who you talked to and the date and time of the conversation.
  3. Mark as Paid – Once confirmed, put asterisk * on right hand side of project name, ie, Jones, Mary*
  4. Post Message – Post message confirming that the taxes have been paid and the property is out of the sale.


Some people believe this sort of system is overkill. They’ve never met Lewis County Treasurer Rose Bowman.

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

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