Pheasants Forever, Inc.

Posted January 19th, 2008 by Joe Kaiser

Maybe include a web reference to the Attorney General News Release?

Dear Rob,

Well, that’s interesting.

As part of my public records request I recently received documents from Franklin County. Included was an email initiated by Mr. Darryl Pheasant, Grant County Treasurer.


Darryl “McGoon” Pheasant

Darryl is not an infrequent commenter in these email threads among WA county treasurers.

Thanks, Darryl

So then McGoon says . . .

Should we all have some standard language inserted in our first official foreclosure letter warning people of the “foreclosure rescue” services that are probably not in their best interest? Maybe include a web reference to the Attorney General News Release and recommend contacting an attorney before being sucked into these arrangements? I think there are [a] few others out there that have not been caught yet. — Grant County Treasurer
Darryl “McGoon” Pheasant

Yeah, Rob, that’s exactly what we investors do.

We suck people in by putting offers in their hands and if they decide it works for them, delivering on each and every promise made, including paying every last nickel we said we would.

So sue me (wait a minute).

Darryl continues

“. . . services not in their best interest?”

According to who?

The AG?


Everybody I talk to who was rescued is delighted to have had us help them out of a bind. To date, I haven’t heard from anyone, (despite Rene’s efforts to convince them otherwise), who says they are unhappy with our partnership arrangement.

And now, as a result of your actions, you’ve got Darryl spouting the same nonsense, Rob. That troubles me greatly.

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

4 Responses to: “Pheasants Forever, Inc.”

  1. SpyBoy responds:
    Posted: January 20th, 2008 at 10:13 am


    Joe; Based on my focused and up to the minute research, including reviewing the Complaints ( not consumer complaints, but the actual legal pleadings/charging instruments ) of the various States Atty. Generals, it appears that there are in fact many actors out there appearing to be/posing as ” foreclosure rescuers “, who are in fact acting in dis-honorable and/or illegal ways. There are bad apples in this barrel, no doubt about it.

    The problem is that, as the saying goes; to a hammer, everything looks like a nail, or, to a consumer protection oriented law enforcement officer, everyone who provides foreclosure related services to homeowners in distress, everyone looks like a scammer/dirty rotten scondrel.

    Yes Joe; Your case is unique. You seem to be honorable, knoiwledgable, and quite competent. To a stastician, you would be in the top 10% ( remember the 80/20 principle/rule; in any given group ( in this case, occupation ), 80% will be ” average “, and amoung the other 20%, 10% will be ” below average ” ( useless/dead weight ), and the other 10% will be ” above average “.

    It appears to be human nature to take things to extremes, as these govt. officials seem to be doing by painting with such a broad brush. But realize, that tendancy works both ways. Do not take away from the viable and valuable work they are doing, by focusing only on your situation. Yes, they appear to be giving you the royal screw job, and appear to be doing so with malice and evil intent. That is completely wrong, and there is no excuse for it. Power and control run amuck, and money grubbing in plain view. Keep calling that for what it is.

    I’m just suggesating that there are creeps out they who are preying on those who, because of circumstances ( often self-imposed ) are vulnerable, and those creeps are taking advantage of peoples ignorance and trust. That also is wrong, and needs to be acknowledged. That is where the attention of the govt. officials should be exclusively directed.

    Note that I have avoided till now, for purposes of this post, any referance to the fact that your investing technique ( one of them ), has resulted in, in certain instances, various counties losing what heretofore has been their gravy train overage/surplus proceeds monies. That appears to be the why of WHY JOE ?

    Thank You,

  2. Joe Kaiser responds:
    Posted: January 20th, 2008 at 11:51 am

    We’ve said all along we’ve been lumped in with the scam artists because the people running the investigation, Kringle, Shadel, Huey, and Sugarman, with what must be zero real estate investing experience, did not have the knowledge to be able to see the difference.

    And, that’s been proven by where they’ve taken this.

    It’s the AG’s job to get it right. The fact is, they missed it completely and are 100% responsible for what they’ve got themselves into.

    Our day will come, and they will have a whole lot of explaining to do.


  3. Drew Hitt responds:
    Posted: January 20th, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    It’s just like in our state of Virginia.

    We have a real estate investor on the Governors Foreclosure Prevention Task Force. Yet when he speaks of not limiting investors on buying property because it will ultimately lead to lower home prices because of less buyers in the market place, the other people are completely stumped.

    We were lucky enough to get an investor into the Governors task force, but when he speaks it’s like he’s a medical doctor talking to the gas station attendant, they have no clue what he’s saying and don’t understand a single thing.

    Until Real Estate Investors are considered professionals, we won’t get the respect we deserve.

    I have a homeowner that just called me the other day, he’s going into foreclosure, I would have done a short sale with the bank, let him walk away from the debt (as the great new rules lets homeowners do by preventing getting 1099’d), only have 1 consumer credit card.

    Instead what did he do?

    Turned to a “professional” lawyer, that’s having him declare bankruptcy and GIVE THE HOUSE BACK TO THE BANK, deed in lieu.

    So instead give this guy a bankruptcy and a foreclosure.

    So what did I tell him to do?

    Have the lawyer put it in writing what his “plan” was, and when he refuses, to call me back and I’ll fix his problem, and not make it worse.

    I know at least 4 local lawyers that are real estate investors, you honestly think they should go see these people first before talking to anyone else?

    You’re just advertising for them, thanks alot.

  4. SpyBoy responds:
    Posted: February 14th, 2008 at 11:21 am


    As to Drew’s last post; Many people ( virtually all homeowners, and most foreclosure investors and/or rescuers ) do not understand the in most Deed In Lieu agreements ( DIL )there is a ” non – merger ” clause, that, in effect makes it that the underlying debt survives the DIL, and, permits ( in many instances, there are varying and sometimes conflicting case law decisions on this ) a foreclouse to be initiated no matter the DIL.

    Also, the party the offered the DIL ( most people say ” the lender “, but likely it was a ” servicer “, or even a sub-servicer ) may still be able to obtain a court authorized money judgment against the mortgagor, after the DIL is agreed to and accepted.

    Thank You.

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