Advance Fee Scam Busted

Posted April 23rd, 2008 by Joe Kaiser

Anything FAS could have done for the people, the people could have done for themselves.

Dear Rob,

I was glad to see your office busted Foreclosure Assistance Solutions, (FAS) a foreclosure rescue outfit out of Florida, and that at risk homeowners won’t have to deal with that nonsense any longer.

Firms offering false hope by promoting schemes to extract $1,500 a whack from people they know they won’t likely help should be put out of business. Good job.

I do have one other observation, though . . .

No help needed?

AAG Jack Zurlini, talking to the Spokesman Review about the settlement with FAS, says . . .

Homeowners behind on their payments should immediately call their lender and try to work out a deal. Anything FAS could have done for the people, the people could have done for themselves. — Jack Zurlini
Assistant Attorney General

Okay, fair enough. These folks in foreclosure are perfectly capable of negotiating their own rescue deals with loss mitigation departments and don’t need outside help.

Got it.

Perfectly incapable

But that doesn’t make sense, because your office has sued me for scamming these very people, except in my case you’ve characterized them as incapable, the exact opposite . . .

His victims generally lack adequate financial knowledge, skills, expertise and experience nesessary to indenty and evaluate effectively their available alternatives or to otherwise fully appreciate the one-sided nature and consequences of the deal being offered to them by Defendant. — State of Washington v. Joseph M. Kaiser

My question, Rob, is which is it?

Both ways?

People in foreclosure cannot be perfectly capable in one breath, and perfectly incapable in the next.

So how is it your office claims they can handle difficult negotiations, (with their home hanging in the balance,) without any outside help, against trained, experienced, foreclosure mitigation pros who have only their own firm’s interest in mind?

Yet, when these same people met with me, according to your lawsuit, they were lacking in any and all skills necessary to negotiate their way out of a wet paper sack.

See the problem?

How convenient

It is dishonest, Rob, doing this thing you do, making up facts to fit your claims and when convenient, flipping them 180 degrees.

And that’s why you claim people in foreclosure are more than capable of handling their own financial affairs in FAS’ case, but are incapable of doing so in mine.

Exact same people, exact same situations, yet completely different characterizations coming out of your office.

You cannot have it both ways, and I really wish you’d stop making this stuff up to suit the situation at hand.

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

2 Responses to: “Advance Fee Scam Busted”

  1. Loya responds:
    Posted: April 23rd, 2008 at 12:41 am

    Rob, one word comes to mind…….”Gotcha!”

  2. Micha-el responds:
    Posted: May 30th, 2008 at 9:49 am

    Hey Rob…

    Just one of the myriad of financial roadblocks along the foreclosure / short sale route is the State Excise Tax…

    Everyone else is taking a hit, why not reduce or eliminate it one these types of “sales” ?

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