The Art of Foreclosure Rescue

Posted May 1st, 2008 by Joe Kaiser

Dear Rob,

I recently reviewed our foreclosure rescue deals and came away wondering what the heck you guys were thinking when you claimed we were scam artists.

And what was AAG David Huey thinking when he said he’s not aware of any foreclosure rescues that have worked?

Assistant Attorney General David W. Huey

Of the 30 or so rescues we did, every one of them worked.

Granted, a couple didn’t go exactly according to plan, but we did all we could to be sure things turned out more than fair for all concerned, and without exception, they did.

Without exception, Rob, all 30 of them, 100% successful.


I hear Melissa Huelsman saying she’s never seen a single rescue that’s worked. Well, I’ve got 30 of them and she’s welcome to look at one or all to learn how it’s done.

She’s not returning my emails, so that probably means she won’t, but it’s disingenuous of her to stand before a group of attorneys, as she did last Friday, and say, “I’ve never seen one that worked.”

Again, I’ve offered to show her 30 of them.

Still in their homes

And, that tells me something else.

If successful foreclosure rescues really are as rare as hen’s teeth, then my track record is nothing short of remarkable.

And if foreclosure rescues are so hard to pull off that neither your office nor any other consumer advocates can honestly say they’ve never come across one that actually worked, then I demand a monument.

Okay, a medal then, at least.

Not aware

And that’s how, apparently, AAG David Huey, after looking at all 30 of those deals, can stand in front of a video camera and say . . .

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Anybody who contacts you with a scheme to save your house, I’d would be very very skeptical about it, because I’m just not aware of anybody out there who is aggressively marketing anything that works.— Assistant Attorney General David W. Huey
Tacoma, WA

Remarkable, Rob.

It’s not that successful foreclosure rescues don’t happen.

It’s that your office is unwilling to consider ANY foreclosure rescue where an investor stands to make a profit as one that works.

And once again, it comes down to nothing more than the twisted view your office has of the role we investors play.

30 for 30

Like Melissa, it’s disingenuous for David Huey to say he’s not aware of any foreclosure rescue program that works, especially considering he’s spent the last three years with 30 successful foreclosure rescue files in the box in the corner of his office.

Someone from your office should have been able to recognize them as the art form they are . . . foreclosure rescue at its finest.

Without exception, Rob, all 30 of them, 100% successful.

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

3 Responses to: “The Art of Foreclosure Rescue”

  1. Glenn responds:
    Posted: May 1st, 2008 at 10:15 am

    Amazing how it’s automatically labled a scam. Guess that just makes the story sound better on the news.

    Joe, did you have to wear a mouthpiece to keep from biting a hole in your lip while sitting through that seminar. Or did someone have you bound and gagged? I don’t know how you sat through it without screaming! Has no one offered to interview you?

    I just had someone I knew going through foreclosure. Received a letter from an attorney saying they were foreclosing in three weeks. Normal for here. She just wanted to stay in the house 1 more year till her daughter graduated from High School. She had called to do a loan modification, faxed in the papers they wanted. Waited, Waited.

    Till the day after the original foreclosure date she got a letter stating they had foreclosed. She called the mortgage company and said, hey what happened to our deal we were working on?

    They claim they never got the fax, even though she had confirmation.

    So Melissa may be right on mortgage companies not working with homeowners. They don’t have to do a forebearance or loan modification… if they don’t want too.

  2. David Alexander responds:
    Posted: May 1st, 2008 at 11:13 am

    I guess their solution is to let a problem fester till it pops…. and if they are emotionally drained to “work through the problem”

    Pretty much most of the time working through the problem “Requires money” Money they don’t have… which means the banks use their ultimate solution…. foreclose…

  3. mark responds:
    Posted: May 5th, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    Thanks to Representatives Patricia Lantz, Jay Rodne and Troy Kelley , the three primary sponsors of this bill, foreclosures in Washington will Increase. I continue to be totally amazed at the harm our elected officials are doing to the public.

    HB 2791–passed, signed by the Governor and is law now but the effective date is June 12, 2008. This Bill is the “Distressed Property Conveyances” Bill. The end result of this is that investors, home buyers, realtors will be less willing to assist distressed homeowners because of the liability. If there are fewer people to assist homeowner facing foreclosure, there will be more foreclosures. You will see successful Short Sales (which actually help the homeowner AND the lender) plummet.

    Mark’s All About Real Estate Blog
    Puget Sound Real Estate

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