Oh Eric, you putz

Posted June 21st, 2008 by Joe Kaiser

Dear Rob,

Have you seen what Eric Dunn is passing around?

He’s created a continuing legal education package called, “Fighting Predatory Lending in Washington.” Well, at least he and his partner have, both of them being listed as authors of the CLE materials.

I called Eric and asked about it, leaving a voice mail. That was a couple days ago and he’s never called back . . . and I’m done waiting.


Regulars will remember Eric, the attorney from NJP. He originally came on board with this . . .

As one of the people who helped draft HB 2791 and get it passed, I am loving watching you guys squeal.

Eric Dunn – staff Attorney at Northwest Justice
Project and co-author of HB 2791

I found it offensive and asked him to apologize to my readers. So far, no apology has arrived.

bizarro world

Later, Eric, for who knows why, left a half dozen comments in the guise of one Ignacia Ramirez. Why he pretended to be a coy, innocent latina we’ll never know, but the fact he did took his participation into the realm of bizarre.

Turns out Eric was just getting started.

What Eric said

I’ve scanned and uploaded the first page of Eric’s materials, the Table of Contents of his presentation Fighting Predatory Lending in Washington.

Now, remember, Eric, in his own words, helped draft HB 2791, the foreclosure rescue scam law that today is crippling Washington’s real estate industry.

And, we know how Eric feels about investors from his original comment, the “loving watching you guys squeal” thing, as well as his subsequent “put on a dress and call me Sally” comments as Ignacia.

Here’s what we didn’t know, and I’ll let Eric describe his beliefs in his own words (the front page footnote from the CLE materials) . . .

The author acknowledges here the probable superiority of the view, most closely associated with the Muslim faith, that the making of any financial gain in return for the advancement of funds is inherently, “unjust.” Yet the balance of this discussion presumes that Western laws will continue to lag behind their Islamic counterparts in this regard.— Eric Dunn & Abbas Rizvi

Kinda takes your breath away, don’t it?

Thunk tank

This, Rob, is who you’ve included in your foreclosure “think tank?” You’ve allowed him and his radical Islamic beliefs to influence your effort to create laws for the rest of us uncivilized Westerners?

So, Eric Dunn and Northwest Justice Project (they even sponsored the thing) was there to “help draft HB 2791,” where his Muslim based belief that Westerners are backwards and unenlightened to think they should make any profit is allowed to take root and spawn our own state’s foreclosure law?

Are you kidding me?

This is nuts, Rob.


Now, there are two authors named in the CLE, so I can’t be sure if these are Eric’s words or his associate’s. I asked him to confirm one way or the other, indicating I would attribute the words to him if he chose not to respond.

He didn’t.

But, to be fair, the words may in fact be those of his co-author, Abbas Rizvi. In either case, it doesn’t matter. As co-author, Eric is responsible for the presentation materials and since he takes to the podium and teaches from this material, attributing the words to him seems fair.

And, even if the words are actually from his co-author, it changes little. This is the mentality of at least one local attorney teaching other Washington attorneys about Fighting Predatory Lending in Washington, and that, in an of itself, is just plain wacko.

Excuse me?

So, excuse me for being a Westerner, for being backwards and uncivilized, and for not accepting the “superiority of the view” that making a profit by advancing funds is unjust.

Eric’s views only confirm the “investor bad” notion that’s behind all of this nonsense, Rob, and allowing and encouraging his participation in the creation of your foreclosure rescue law was a terrible mistake.

Financial gain unjust?

Good grief, Rob, your office is out of control.

In the arena,


10 Responses to: “Oh Eric, you putz”

  1. anemonehead responds:
    Posted: June 21st, 2008 at 12:34 am

    Scarey stuff Joe. What’s next, installing foot baths in all the abandoned, foreclosed homes Washington will be awash in in the next 6 months?

  2. Chris responds:
    Posted: June 21st, 2008 at 10:17 am


    Please let me throw in a little economics here:

    Laurance Vance gave a lecture earlier this year at the Mises institute title, “The Myth of the Just Price” that is pertinent to this post.

    Brief excerpt:

    “There is no such thing as market failure. Why do people think it ludicrous to say that the market has failed to provide everyone in the United States with a new Cadillac every year, but not that it is just as absurd to say that the market has failed to provide everyone with adequate health insurance? The free market facilitates exchange, fosters efficiency, provides incentives for productivity, requires no government oversight, and is perfectly compatible with biblical Christianity. Free exchange is fair exchange. Free trade is fair trade. The just price is the freely agreed upon price.
    The only problem with the free market in the United States is that it is not free.”

    That talk can be found in its entirerty here for those interested:


    If the above lecture sparks an interest in Economic theory, then please consider reading “Power and Market: Government and the Economy.”: by Murry Rothbard — among the most prolific and influential Austrian economists of the 20th century. p.38-40 speaks to problems with usury laws, but the entire book is a tour de force on the problems of excessive government regulations that make the free market less free.

    I’m certain that Eric’s head would explode if he attempted to read it.

  3. Chris responds:
    Posted: June 21st, 2008 at 10:20 am

    Oops, the link to “Power and Markets” is here:


    It can be viewed freely at the Ludwig Van Mises website.


  4. Loya responds:
    Posted: June 21st, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    Eric’s Muslim’s view of the investor is the “WHY” we are here today. “WHY” can’t an investor deal be good for all parties involved? “WHY” is Joe being sued when no one has complained? “WHY” hasn’t the AG’s office sought to find out what Joe’s company has done and compared it to the real and known scams out there and dismiss all claims? I guess we all lag behind the Muslim’s way of investor’s thinking and are not worthy of an existence.

    A jury will have fun with this one……………………………………….

  5. Bruce responds:
    Posted: June 21st, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    Joe, the true motives of the Left and Socialism are revealed by Eric’s ‘Predatory Lending Literature’. ….

    From the time I started reading this blog, I swear I smelled a rat.

    As more facts came out about the real statistics it began to make less and less sense. FOUR LOUSY CASES of Investor Abuse?????? …in all the last few years? …with the ‘ocean’ of foreclosures drowning thousands of homeowners???…and thats it?

    ….FOUR PUNY COMPLAINTS warrants a massive AG action against ONE INVESTOR?? (who has NO complaints)

    …and that warrants a whole new state statute sure to cause chaos in the real estate business, just when the last thing it needs is more chaos.??

    If this little tiny alleged harm can trigger this incredibly disproportionate action, think what real statistically significant financial harm (like HUNDREDS of valid, verifiable complaints) would cause this AG s office to do.

    ….Would they install a guillotine in the lobby and parade investors in with hoods on? …A firing squad in the parking lot to finish off the remaining “Evil” investors?…

    Of course they don’t need to do that, when a lapdog compliant legislature gives them whatever they want. “Investors Bad?” No problem, we’ll get rid of investors”…anything else you need?”

    “Oh, payday stores bad? …consider them gone”….”rent-to-own bad?-
    don’t worry, they’ll be history.”

    And then you read that nonsense about INTEREST on money loaned is ‘BAD’. …AND IT ALL STARTS TO MAKE SENSE.

    The ‘Erics’ of this world and probably plenty of the dopes in the AG’s office just do not want to see others PROFITING off of ANY distressed real estate situation – PERIOD.

    Look at that video you had of some old lady state legislator. This doddering fool actually said, “better for them to lose their house to foreclosure than to risk dealing with a RE investor” …how bizarre is that?

    So IMO, this vast overreaching new law, the “crush joe” lawsuit and all the trumped up, phony ‘crisis’ talk, the BS press releases, are all designed for one thing: TO MAKE DISTRESSED RE INVESTMENT NOT WORTH IT. ..so investors will simply melt away.

    This apparently quite leftist state gov and a supportive media are quite happy to see that happen. And since most folks are not investors, they don’t know enough to care. Even most at-risk sellers will not understand the freedoms they are losing.

    Joe, this issue is bigger that many even realize. It goes to the heart of free enterprise and the power of the state to control your economic freedom.

    Make no mistake, there are plenty of people with access to power who like to deprive us all of our livelihood. In their arrogance they have decided what is good and what is bad. They lust for POWER over other citizens more than a lifetime alcoholic craves a drink.

    I keep thinking of this great quote:
    “First they came for the Jews
    and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for the communists
    and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists
    and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me –
    and by then there was no one left to speak out for me.

    Pastor Martin Niemöller

    These Wash State Gov people and their allies pretend they are fighting ‘injustice’, while they actually commit great injustice.


  6. Davido responds:
    Posted: June 22nd, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Joe, Eric Dunn’s unusual personal convictions are of certainly of considerable interest, His beliefs explain his own perceived involvment. However, his statement that he helped draft and pass HB 2791 is likely mostly his own perception, which just like Ignacia Ramirez, can be quite unreal. I’d bet money that Eric Dunn is, at best, an insignificant bit player in the writing and passage of this law.

    It seems to me that HB 2791, and similar laws around the country, are part of a broad long term plan designed to grant those who control government ever increasing power while limiting individual freedoms. As Bruce said above, it is an “overreaching law”. And as you have previously pointed out, the laws intrusion into our right to contract is facially unconstitutional.

    I agree fully that the issues raised by the passage of HB 2791 are bigger than most people realize. However, I can not agree that the law is simply the result of mistake or ignorance. It is increasingly apparent that such laws come about when (as Bruce said) “people with access to power” “lust for power over other citizens”. An ultra wealthy elite effectively control our monetary system, our government, and the supportive media).

    This controlling elite fully intends for anti rescue laws to have the very effect that you foresee -more foreclosures and little or no way out for the homeowner. During the times of great civil and economic discord that lie ahead, the large banks, controlled by the ultra wealthy, will end up controlling large blocks of foreclosed homes. The apparent losses to the banks will be covered by government (taxpayer) largess. Indeed, what should be foreclosure losses for banks will become a new profit center.

    On the local level the AG’s lawsuit against you is likely founded, just as you suggest, in a corrupt attempt to control overages from county property tax foreclosure sales, The nationwide movement to limit foreclosure rescues is part of a similar but much larger pawer and profit grab. Anti foreclosure rescue laws are the result of deliberate intent by powerful unelected interests who use the ignorance, greed, or even misguided “good” intentions of the legislature and individuals like Eric Dunn to increase their individual and corporate power, profit, prestige, and privilege.

    The effect of this law is no accident. And Eric Dunn, to the extant he had a part, is (like most the legislature), an unwitting tool of those who have a very broad long term plan to “pretend they are fighting ‘injustice’, while they actually commit great injustice” in order to control the many and profit from calamities ahead.

    As always, you have my sincere thanks for your for your many valuable insights and especially for your hard fought efforts to right the wrongs that have touched you.
    Best wishes, Davido

  7. Joe Kaiser responds:
    Posted: June 22nd, 2008 at 11:53 am

    Granted, Davido, and many good points, but let’s not forget NJP’s involvement in this matter.

    Turns out they co-sponsored the AG’s Foreclosure Thunk Tank and must have had some influence over what ultimately became HB 2791 and our new, ridiculous foreclosure statutes.

    Click Here to View

    I have made a public records request for all documentation regarding these sessions and hope to have it shortly.

  8. Mark responds:
    Posted: June 23rd, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    Rob and his boys should be more concerned about other activities such as:

    6 Indicted For Fraud In Operation Malicious Mortgage
    Six people were indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in Seattle, Washington for Conspiracy and Wire Fraud in connection with an estimated $8.5 million mortgage fraud scheme conducted in 2004 and 2005. Those indicted include a lawyer (since disbarred), a former bank loan officer and a mortgage broker, as well as the owner of shell companies involved in flipping dozens of properties as part of the fraud.
    Full post: http://twurl.nl/oi8kce

  9. Joe Kaiser responds:
    Posted: June 23rd, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    Have you not heard, Mark, that lawyers and loan officers and mortgage brokers are exempt from the new foreclosure scam laws?

    Dude, it’s not that complicated. In fact, it’s rather quite simple . . . or so I’m told.


  10. DaveD responds:
    Posted: June 25th, 2008 at 6:34 am

    “… Yet the balance of this discussion presumes that Western laws will continue to lag behind their Islamic counterparts in this regard.”

    Hmmm. Are we trying a moral superiority play here, or is this just simply more arrogance on parade?

    Continuing to lag behind in this regard implies we are somehow less “civilized” than our Islamic counterparts. Excuse me while I retch. Is either Eric or Ignacia published out there on record condeming the users of strap on body bombs (or worse) as they kill innocents with their perverted view of civilization? Their lack of outrage, their silence – of course – means consent.

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