Women (and Jim) at Work

Posted June 3rd, 2008 by Joe Kaiser

. . . imagine how Jim Sugarman will now take their month long adventure and twist it into something vile.

Dear Rob,

Received a copy of Jim Sugarman’s six-page letter asking for more and more discovery items.

Apparently, the 41,000 pages he admits to having gone through to date aren’t quite enough.

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So, once again, I’m on it and will attempt to provide him everything he’s asked for, per my attorney’s instructions, including the Jenna and Clare videos.

Jenna and Clare

Longtime students may remember my two college helpers, Clare and Jenna. They worked for me back in 2005 and spent a month as real estate investors.

It was a wild idea, me wanting to find out if anyone could do what we do. So, I asked the girls to jump in and with a little training and oversight (think Charlie’s Angels), they went to work.

And the result?

I think they signed up something like 18 deals, if memory serves, and I think we ultimately ended up closing on five or six of them. I remember at least a couple lots and a couple houses (in particular, a pink castle), but the rest I’d have to check.

Working girls

So Rob, if you’ll let Jim know the link to the Women at Work blog, again, is here:


I trust this will suffice and will provide you whatever information you need regarding their efforts.

Watch and learn

Readers, feel free to visit the site and watch the girls in action. I haven’t seen it in a long time but just watching the videos and hearing them on the phone cracks me up to this day.

Even better, as you watch, listen, and perhaps even learn a thing or two, imagine how Jim Sugarman will now take their month long adventure and twist it into something vile.

These two girls wouldn’t steal a stick of gum, but you can be sure Jim’s preconceptions will let him see only scam artists in action.

Jim at Work

And Rob, I’ll be watching and learning, too.

Frankly, I cannot wait to see what Jim comes up with on this one.

And if he suggests either of these gals have in any way done anything wrong or were involved in a scam, you can be sure I’ll consider AAG Jim Sugarman one very twisted puppy.


In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

2 Responses to: “Women (and Jim) at Work”

  1. DaveD responds:
    Posted: June 3rd, 2008 at 6:19 am

    Give Jim credit for being persistant! He must be operating under the old premise of “where there is smoke, there’s fire.”

    Too bad the “smoke” he sees is nothing other than the fog of his own misconception. Which means there is simply no fire to be found… anywhere. One would think going after Clare and Jenna experiment would make even an ambitious AAG blush, but this dude has no shame. 41,000 pages and still digging? Puhleeez! Can’t imagine the direct costs out of your pocket to comply with this nonsense, not to mention the tab the taxpayers have to shoulder.

  2. anemonehead responds:
    Posted: June 3rd, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    Joe, looks to me that time grows nigh and they’re grasping at straws at this point.

    Should be an interesting opening argument…NOT!

    Wish I could be there to watch the AG’s office embarrass itself, yet again.

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