Rob McKenna, Please Get a Clue

Posted September 22nd, 2008 by Joe Kaiser

Sooner than later, Rob, this thing ends and your office is exposed for the lies and deceptions it's foisted upon all of us.

Dear Rob,

During your recent campaign debate in Gig Harbor with John Ladenburg, you discussed this case and got everything completely wrong, again.

And you did it with a smug look on your face.

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Attorney General Rob McKenna, having not a clue

How could you not, by now, have a clue? You’ve spent a million taxpayer dollars on this bogus investigation and you still have no idea what it’s all about?

No one could get it this wrong, this often, Rob. No, not even you.

Clueless in Seattle

Let’s parse it . . . word for word, with my comments following.

For those of you who read the papers you’re also aware that we brought a series of actions here in Washington State against mortgage rescue scammers.

Yes, it’s all about the papers, isn’t it Rob? That’s pretty much what matters to you . . . getting your “I’m Rob McKenna, aren’t I wonderful? Vote for me” stories into the newspapers. Why am I not surprised?

And no Rob, you didn’t bring “a series of actions.” You brought “an” action (yes, one, as far as I can tell) against my partners and me. And, we are not mortgage foreclosure investors, we are tax sale investors.

Suggesting we’re “mortgage rescue scammers” shows you have no idea what we do.

We’re gonna be announcing the latest of these actions against a scammer operating out of Florida in the next few weeks.

Whoopie. One can only wonder how badly you’ve screwed up that one.

But the first actions we brought happened to be against mortgage rescue scammers in Pierce County and King County.

Again, not in the mortgage foreclosure business. It’s not that difficult, really, to wrap your head around this “tax sale investor does not equal mortgage foreclosure investor” concept.

These are the folks who approach people in foreclosure and they say, “You’re in foreclosure. I’m gonna help you out.”

No, we say nothing of the kind. We make proposals to folks in tax foreclosure and if they decide our proposal works for them, we deliver on our promises and make their problems go away.

And no one we’ve rescued has ever suggested otherwise.

“All you have to do is sign your property over to me. I’ll take title to it. I’ll pay the back taxes. I’ll refinance it. You can rent it back. You can still live there. You’ll have an option to buy it back when you get back on your feet.”

“All you have to do is . . . ?” Sick. Again, you’re demonstrating how completely clueless you are about this case.

We take title, typically in a trust, obtain an interest, typically 50%, and allow our partners to stay in their homes.

We’ll refinance? Huh?

And we don’t offer any sort of “buy it back when you get back on your feet” option. We’re simply co-owners of these properties, a concept your office cannot possibly begin to understand (I won’t attempt to explain fractional ownership, again).

And what the scammers have done and and we’ve proven in a series of actions that we brought . . .

No, you have not “proven” anything of the sort.

You successfully intimidated my ex-partners into settling with threats of financial ruin. And when they settled they did so admitting no wrong-doing whatsoever. Suggesting you’ve somehow “proven” a scam took place is an extraordinary inaccurate portrayal of what happened.

Turns out it’s difficult, if not impossible, to prove a scam that never happened, happened.

. . . is they have taken title to the property and had the owner sign a lease frequently for a rental amount larger than their old mortgage payment . . .

Again, completely wrong. You’re confusing us with all the other mortgage foreclosure rescue guys who do sale/lease-backs. We ask our partners to pay us a fair rent for our share, and it’s often a few hundred dollars a month, at most.

And, if they don’t pay, we don’t give them any grief about it. We’re simply hoping to cover the tax payments we know will be coming due.

As to “their old mortgage payment,” again, completely inaccurate. The vast majority of the properties we deal with are free and clear.

. . . and in some cases they’ll go ahead and let the property go into tax foreclosure anyway and the people lose their property.

A complete lie, and you know it. We’ve documented this again and again. No one we promised to rescue was not rescued, and they’re all pretty much still in their homes today (as you well know).

Properties we let go to tax foreclosure are properties we owned outright, with the seller have no ongoing interest, having sold all interest to us.

This is the same story you told the Spokane Review, and the same story I asked you to document, and we all know how that turned out (through a public records request your office admitted this sort of thing never happened).

Smugless in Seattle

It is incredible how badly this story gets botched every time you tell it. Again, after these many months I’m unwilling to believe it’s by accident.

Sooner than later, Rob, this thing ends and your office is exposed for the lies and deceptions it’s foisted upon all of us.

I wonder if that smug look of yours goes away right about then?

I’m guessing it does the very same moment they throw this stupid case out of court and tell you to write me a very big check for my time and trouble.

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

5 Responses to: “Rob McKenna, Please Get a Clue”

  1. BikerJim responds:
    Posted: September 22nd, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    All your buddies there in Washington State are making news lately, even as far away as Chicago.
    Melissa Huelsman is at it again.
    Check this out:

    I wonder, did you get my email about company offering services somewhat like yours, nationwide?

    Take care,
    BikerJim a/k/a “Jim FL”

  2. Drew responds:
    Posted: September 22nd, 2008 at 9:16 pm

    What you do really isn’t that hard to understand and you didn’t even have to explain it to me. Poor guy is going to be so sad when he’s proven a fool in front of all his “supporters”. I think the saddest thing about this whole issue, is just how addicted I am to seeing how things are progressing. You’ve got me so entralled in this circus of government stupidity, it’s like a daily soap opera I check on hoping for the next installment. If only you didn’t have better things to do, I need my entertainment from government incompetence!

    Joe, how much longer do we have to wait for your day in court? And how do we get front row seats! This is going to be a great show!

  3. Mark responds:
    Posted: September 23rd, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    I’m with Drew….I check this site often just to see what’s happening…I sure hope something can be done to temper the abuse of power that we see happen every day. It wreaks of Nifong-idness. Ok…so I made up that word.

  4. Micha-el responds:
    Posted: October 3rd, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    They used to throw good men into the arena, then let the lion loose just for sport and sick entertainment. Joe, you often sign off “in the arena” the thing is you have been transformed from a persecuted, ill-defended poster child into a stealthy, strong and loud LION ! The Zealots in Olympia are now trying to cover the tracks of bad legislation (distressed property law) wrapped in a personal vendetta against You in particular… Thank you for not folding !

    I am not the only Licensee sitting it out, not wanting to set myself up for an unjust Consumer Protection lawsuit over the next 4 years. Because of this MANY ill-informed homeowners are losing their homes to foreclosure!

    The unintended consiquences of madness and rage (read; I’m goin to get you Joe Kaiser) have cost many homeowers their valuable equity as well as Realtor’s livelihood & commissions.
    Now…it will come down to a change in the AG’s office, how any Realtor, investor or homeowner could support his continuance is beyond me… I have heard the Roar, the other one in the arena is heading for the exit…quickly !

  5. Dorothy Buchanan responds:
    Posted: October 17th, 2008 at 11:17 am

    Hi Mark,

    I read your blog and played the video on McKenna. From the outside looking in, it appears that McKenna is doing a good thing.

    Homeowners signing over property over to anyone is and should be a red flag to anyone. I personally would not trust anybody who would suggest that, family or stranger. The people who are interested in Tax Lien Foreclosures Investment should purchase the properties after they had gone into Tax Lien Foreclosure, period. To do so otherwise would be construed by anyone as a person trying to scam the homeowner. There may be honest people out there who would do as they promised, unfortunately, the homeowners may regret what they did and complain to their congressman. McKenna appears to be playing the White Knight for the homeowners.

    Your friend, did nothing wrong, but neither did AIG when they spent $400,000 on splurging for their employees. But it sure looks bad!!!!

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