Again in Whatcom County

Posted October 26th, 2008 by Joe Kaiser

Please be advised you now have one opportunity to resolve this debacle without legal action.

Dear Rob,

I’ve asked your friend Steven N. Oliver, Whatcom County Treasurer, for an apology.

You may remember he sent you that ridiculous email about us having cheated residents of his county.

Steven N. Oliver
Whatcom County Treasurer

He’s probably already provided you with a copy of my email, but just in case you didn’t get it, here’s one for your files.

Lies and half truths

My letter to the Whatcom County Treasurer . . .


I’m done waiting for you and your public records “search.”

Your March, 2007 email to McKenna was 100% bogus. You knew it would validate and fuel the bogus investigation and future lawsuit his office brought against me. As such, it is malicious by definition.

You’ve provided me with records from two so-called “scam” deals to support your email, but it’s obvious there was nothing whatsoever inappropriate with either of those transactions (neither of which dealt with owners, btw).

The only other transaction we did in Whatcom County was the Arthur Villalon sale, a fellow we rescued (your office attempted to foreclose even after we’d paid his back taxes). He’s bought us out and that transaction, by any stretch of the imagination, could not be considered anything other than an absolute success for all concerned.

Please be advised you now have one opportunity to resolve this debacle without legal action.

Kindly provide a written apology, on Whatcom County letterhead, stating unequivocally that: (1) you were wrong, (2) the email you sent McKenna in March, 2007, was completely untrue, (3) no Whatcom County property owner was scammed in any deal in which I participated, and (4) you regret the harm your email has caused me.

I’ll expect it by the end of next week. Upon receipt and confirmation it comports with the above, this matter will be considered resolved and no further action will be taken (although I will not soon forget it).

If you decline to provide an apology, you can be 100% certain a defamation case is filed against Whatcom County and you, personally, wherein I will seek no less than $1,000,000.00 for your reckless behavior and the grief it has caused me.

I’m advised this is a classic case of defamation, that there is little doubt your actions were malicious, and that the evidence here is overwhelming. I tend to agree.

Please confirm receipt. Thank you.

Joe Kaiser

No more

Steve completely lied about me, and I’m done letting this sort of thing go unaddressed.

And come this Friday, if that apology isn’t on my desk, you can add one more to my lawsuits total.

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

One Response to: “Again in Whatcom County”

  1. Davido responds:
    Posted: November 5th, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    Congratulations Joe! Once your defemation suit is filed, you’ll be talking the language that Mr. Oliver understands.

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