Letter to AAG John Hillman

Posted May 2nd, 2009 by Joe Kaiser

They engaged in a number of instances of questionable conduct which wasted a million dollars of public money . . .

Dear Mr. Hillman,

I read with great interest your comments in the Yakima Herald regarding the waste of public funds and the overzealous attorneys engaged in a “win at all cost” strategy.

Here are your comments . . .

They engaged in a number of instances of questionable conduct which wasted a million dollars of public money … Walsh and Witchley had a duty to zealously advocate for their client but chose to ignore the fact that even zealous advocacy has boundaries.–Assistant Attorney General John Hillman
Regarding Defense Attorneys Walsh and Witchly

Would it be possible for someone in your position to perform a similar review in a case of wasted public money involving your office?

This request may be out of the ordinary, and I have no expectation of fairness because of the obvious conflict of interest, but contacting you seems an appropriate place to begin my search for a review.

I’m involved in a consumer protection case with your office having no actual consumer complaints. The fact no scam exists did not prevent the attorneys involved from wasting a million dollars of public money pursuing me, nor did they recognize that zealous advocacy has boundaries.

It’s an injustice, a waste of public funds, and a violation of the public’s trust. I believe someone with objectivity such as yourself should take a critical look.

If $200k spent defending someone on trial for his life in a capital murder case is excessive, (to say nothing of the million dollars Walsh and Witchly spent) what are we to think of attorneys spending a million dollars in a consumer protection case where there were no complaints, no victims, and everyone involved acknowledges they were paid in full?

What would you suggest in terms of a review of the case or of the actions of the attorneys involved, or is that even possible? Is there an outside party I should be contacting? Perhaps the Governor? Please advise. Thank you.

Joe Kaiser

One Response to: “Letter to AAG John Hillman”

  1. admin responds:
    Posted: May 2nd, 2009 at 10:54 am

    And to be clear, Mr. Hillman is a good guy. He responded to my email and gave me good advise.

    It was refreshing to interact with a non-consumer protection division AAG not consumed by overzealous, out-of-control, no ethical boundaries advocacy, ala Kringle, Huey, Sugarman, et al.

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