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Posted March 19th, 2010 by Joe Kaiser

I’ve made two posts about the family we rescued in Outlook, WA.

If you followed along back then, you’ll recall the story of how the wife called the AG’s Office and pleaded with them to get out of the way so I could help.

You’ll also remember how the Assistant Attorney General in charge at that time laughed in her face. It was incredibly cruel and left the wife and I in tears.

I was proud to have stepped up and rescued them, with no time to spare, in spite of the fact the AG’s office would likely sue me for having done so. And, they did.

There’s an update to the story here.

The final update, which I haven’t talked about, is remarkable.

The couple, whose actual name is Steve and Clare Garza, ultimately testified AGAINST me at my trial, convinced I was some sort of con man. They’d long forgotten the AG’s Office laughing in their face and their promise they’d be right there with me if the matter ever went before a judge.

And, I’m hearing now that I should expect to be served with a lawsuit they’ll soon be filing against me. No, I’m not surprised.

I saved their home with minutes to spare, knowing it was a dumb thing to do but feeling like I owed it to them. Here’s my recent letter to Steve and Clare . . .

March 19, 2010

Re: Your home in Outlook

Dear Steve and Clare,

I’m hearing through the grapevine that you’re going to be suing me for the return of your home, and I understand.

Please remember that I was the fellow who stepped up at the very last minute, with much personal risk, and saved your home from tax foreclosure. There would be no property to be discussing today were it not for my efforts to help you.

I have done nothing wrong and would not do anything to harm or injure any of my clients. The AG’s office is masterful at brainwashing people like you into believing they’re somehow victims, and I do not hold you responsible for falling into that trap.

Attached are the posts I made to my blog about you a year or two ago. They tell the real story of what happened here. I encourage you to read them to see what it feels like from the other side of the table.

I remember a couple things really clearly about you. The first was the effort Clare made to get the AG out of the way so we could assist, and how Assistant Attorney General Cheryl Kringle laughed in her face at the very thought that she could ask anything of the AG. For me, at least, it made it clear the AG’s office is not about helping people in need. Kringle could have very well caused you to lose your home (and no, you would not have been better off).

And, I remember driving out to meet both of you in mid-winter, checking to see that you had wood for heat and offering to buy wood if not. I also remember when you said the $300 a month was difficult that I responded by saying “just do your best.” You made only two payments in more than three years and we never said a word.

In ten years as a tax foreclosure investor, we did 400 deals with people in foreclosure, and everyone with whom we dealt was paid in full and everyone rescued, like you, is in their homes today. The AG’s foreclosure rescue “scam” story is 100% made-up by consumer protection crazies who have no boundaries or respect for the truth.

Rob McKenna, et al, has now spent in excess of $1,000,000.00 of taxpayer money coming after me in a Consumer Protection case having not a single consumer complaint. It sickens me.

In the end, you’re still in your home and that makes me proud. Please have your attorney contact me at the number below and I will execute a quit-claim deed to put the property back into your name.

You owe me nothing other than promising me you’ll think long and hard about what actually took place before calling me a “scam artist.” I am not a scam artist . . . I’m the guy who, with no time to spare, with the AG on my back threatening to sue me for millions, pushed all of that aside and saved your home.


Joe Kaiser

And so it continues . . .

4 Responses to: “Update in Outlook”

  1. Drew responds:
    Posted: March 23rd, 2010 at 6:06 am

    It’s the entitlement and victim mentality that everyone wants to subscribe to. It makes this industry very challenging when they seek out your help one minute and try to backstab you the next.

    I hope your appeal is at least on track and looking promising. Investors in general could really use a win for a change.


  2. MoFanatic responds:
    Posted: March 26th, 2010 at 5:02 am

    Joe, just found this site. Bought several of your courses years ago and was checking to see what you have been up to. Unbelievable. It will take me a while to read through this drama but I am somewhat taken aback by this whole thing. At first glance, I’m somewhat dumbfounded by the collusion between government agencies and the AG’s office willingness to spend huge amounts of taxpayer money in order to win at any cost. Guess you really cant fight city hall.

  3. Warner Walker responds:
    Posted: April 2nd, 2010 at 2:49 pm


    This one is truly sad but expected.

    Are you able to understand how the AG is getting them to ‘flip’. Are they just showing up at their door in all their grandeur and the mere site of the ‘badge’ is scaring your former clients.

    Or are they working some sort of side deals with them, convincing them to turn on you. In any case this is absolutely 100% pathetic.

  4. JT responds:
    Posted: April 7th, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    If you were to attempt to influence the attitude and testimony of an individual, this would be called “Intimidation and/or Cohersion of a Witness”.

    When the gov’t does this it is simply called case mgmt. Or, Win at all cost. You simply cannot compete with the gov’t and come out on top.

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