“Mr. Kaiser,” he said, “you’ve been served.”

Oh joy.

In the Spring of 2006, the Attorney General of the State of Washington subpoened me to come to the Tacoma office, bring every scrap of record I’d created over the last few years, and take part in an “investigative deposition.”

I can think of better ways to spend an afternoon.

I’d learned of their investigation a couple years earlier (at least it seemed like a couple years), and wondered what would become of it. I even considered contacting them directly to see what was up and to offer to answer any questions they had.

My attorney decided that wasn’t such a hot idea and advised I take a “wait and see” approach, and so I did.

The deposition was more of a bother than a worry, and I sat through three plus hours of questions that clearly showed where they were headed . . . and it wasn’t good.

My former company, Fiscal Dynamics, Inc., and my ex-partner, Walt, were in the foreclosure real estate business, and although we did screw up every now and then, our business was 100% legitimate in every way.

Only the AG’s office, it was clear, didn’t see it that way.

So today, with a Foreclosure Rescue Scam consumer protection lawsuit in full swing, I’m battling the AG for my very existence, not to mention my good name.

For what it’s worth . . . I have no intention of losing.

Joe Kaiser
Summer, 2007

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