AG’s Press Release

It’s an interesting press release, but it doesn’t really tell the story. Here’s reality . . .

I did business for 10 years, close to 400 transactions, and in all 400 performed as promised. There are no victims, and the AG is well aware of that. I simply made a profit every now and then and they consider that a scam. It’s not.

The AG received exactly ZERO complaints about me, as did the BBB. There would be no reason for anyone to complain because everyone with whom we transacted was paid in full. Admittedly, we did get sued exactly ONE time, but it was without merit and we settled, walking away from our interest.

The press release gives the impression we rescued 300 people. The number is really about 3 dozen. The majority of our deals were simple buy/sell deals. I make offer, seller accepts and is paid in full. Those are all today deemed “scams” and those sellers, “victims.”

And of the 3 dozen families we rescued, all are still in their homes. No one was ever forced out or lost possession (though one guy did abandon the property – he can come back at any time if he so desires, and he still owns 100% of his interest in the place).

The whole “people losing their houses” thing is complete nonsense. They’re all still in their homes, with more equity today than when we first met, and most have never paid us as much as a nickel.

We invest in families. The three dozen rescue transactions are long-term investments, and we’ve got three or four hundred thousand dollars tied up in them. We’ve never seen dollar one of profit from these, and that’s okay. It’s an investment.

So, the real question is, who looks at a 10 year, 400 transaction track record, without a single complaint, where everyone was paid in full and where virtually everyone rescued is still in their homes with more equity than when we first met, and concludes, “scam?”

That would be one Rob McKenna, and it’s nuts.

The AG is determined to make a case where none exists, and succeeded by presenting false and misleading evidence, putting witnesses on the stand they knew to be untruthful or unreliable (including one they’d characterized as “delusional” in their own pleadings), and visited my witnesses in so-called “interviews” designed only to convince them I am a bad guy.

When assistant attorney general James Sugarman tells my witnesses I was “evicting people left and right,” when in reality I’d never evicted anyone we’d rescued, we have a problem that goes well beyond a fictional foreclosure rescue scam.

This case has nothing to do with a scam. That never happened. This case is about an out-of-control attorney general who is unwilling to admit his office got it 100% wrong.

There are no victims. There are simply sellers who were paid in full, and owners who today reside in their homes who would have lost them to foreclosure had I not stepped in to help them.

I’m told one such owner, Michael Dane, was interviewed on KOMO TV. He’s been in the home as our partner for 5 years, and we’ve done everything possible to ensure their property is not at risk, spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Today, having been “interviewed,” Michael says he’s been scammed. Here’s the video of our signing where he says something entirely different . . .

And by the way, I tell everyone I rescue that “I will never evict you and I will never foreclose on you,” and I NEVER do. My success rate in foreclosure rescues is close to 100%.

I do make a profit every now and then, and when you have an AG who considers profit as evidence of a scam and is willing to spend a million dollars to make sure he gets a win, no deal with anyone in foreclosure in this state can be considered anything other than a scam.

And that’s too bad. A lot of good folks who could have been helped will lose their homes as a result.

Joe Kaiser

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