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So, You’re Saying He’s a Dick?

Posted November 4th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

Dear Rob,

I recently had a conversation with a buddy of mine about this case and what I imagine has percipitated it, my dealings with Pierce County Deputy Prosecutor Robert “Bob” Dick.

As you know, I believe your office’s investigation resulted from contacts with Bob after we’d done what he considered to be one overage play too many in his arena, Pierce County.

And though I tried to convey my thoughts about Bob to this fellow, it wasn’t easy. The conversation went like this . . .

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Top 10 List #18

Posted October 26th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

Dear Rob,

Here’s my latest Top 10 List (with apologies to David Letterman) . . .

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Are You Dee Dee?

Posted August 26th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

And so, I left, feeling bad for her and knowing that, in all likelihood, she'd end up with nothing.

Dear Rob,

Here’s a story from a few years back, just for fun (and having nothing to do with your lawsuit against me).

Some time ago, I had the pleasure of working with Shirley Rudd, an elderly gal who’d gotten mixed up with an actual scam artist, it seems.

She’d sold him a property and he’d failed to make payments to her as promised, and things were a mess.

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Posted August 19th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

Dear Rob,

Another look at former AAG Cheryl Kringle’s fine work on behalf of your office demonstrating her keen grasp of real estate investing, the law of the land, and your office’s role as protectors of the citizens of the state of Washington . . .


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Criminal Charges Pending?

Posted July 11th, 2007 by Joe Kaiser

And we'd always get nice thank you notes letting us know how much the county staffers enjoyed the eats.

Dear Rob,

Last year a little county in Eastern Washington sent me a letter advising that if I ever did anything like that again, they’d make sure I faced criminal charges.

I found that more than a little bit interesting.

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