You Can Help

Dear Readers,

After nearly a year, I’m taking this blog to the next level.

No more waiting around hoping people notice. It’s time to grab their attention. I truly believe, as I imagine do you, that this is a story everyone in the real estate community needs to hear.

And, I’m asking for your help.

No, I don’t want or need donations or anything like that, but what will benefit me and other investors heading down this path is your help in getting the word out.


Seth Godin talks about “sneezers” in his book, Unleashing the Ideavirus. Those are the people who know people, lots and lots of people, and when they start talking, people notice.

I’d like the world to know how the Office of the Washington State Attorney General has seen fit to sue me for foreclosure rescue scam transactions that never happened. I think it’s a story worth telling.

So, who do you know who’s a “sneezer?”

Give him a heads up, if so inclined.


If you’ve got a website and want to talk about it, please do. Below is a image you can link to this blog . . .

Pushed to Shove logo

And, if you think your readers might find this situation interesting, educational, or perhaps even fun, grab that image and let them know.

Other sites?

If you know other sites that might be interested (real estate, government abuse, foreclosure, legal, etc.), please don’t hesitate to tell my story on those sites as well.

And, if permissible, mentioning us by name ( would be great. Any conversations you can stimulate, pro and con, can do nothing but help.

Just be respectful to all and please don’t spam others or take it too far. I think you know what I mean.

Other ideas?

I don’t have the resources to hire a PR firm at the moment, but I’m interested in hearing your ideas. If you can get the word out and have suggestions about how I can make that happen, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Everything helps.

Thanks to all who contribute through comments, email me words of encouragement or simply follow along. That makes things a little easier, and a little easier is a whole lot better, all things considered.

And, if you happen to know Oprah, please ask her to have her people get in touch with my people.

In the arena,

Joe Kaiser

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